Comrade Habib Sanni, The Generational Change Agent by Prince Suleiman Adinoyi

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Habib Itopa Sanni was born to the most renowned family of Alhaji Sanni Yakubu Ikunaiye and Hajia Amina Sanni Yakubu in the Month of April 15, 1979. His parents, both of blessed memory hailed from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State. Habib Sanni attended Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL) Nursery and Primary School, and Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL) Comprehensive Secondary School in Ajaokuta, KogI state.

This Young persuasive man obtained his B.Sc (Hon) in Applied Chemistry from the most celebrated institution, University of Jos, Plateau state. He has led transparently in Unijos Student Union Government (SUG), NAES and Schools Man O War activities. His quality leadership is equal to nobodys.

Habib Sanni has acquired assorted professional training in Security, Safety and Marketing, and presently the Business Developer Officer of a big player in the Nigeria Pharmaceutical Industry. He is married to a Lovely Nana Ogegere (Wife) and blessed with a kid, Fadil Omadivi.

Habib Sanni has done his fatherland a world of service in much esteem, he is the Founder and Chairman of Sanni Yakubu Educational Foundation (SYEF) that has manifestly liberated many Ebira students from the oppression of schools and examination challenges.

He is a Leader per excellence and a well recognized humanitarian, this action of his is indeed a replica of his parents stupendous antecedents. Habib has at his own level created job opportunity for Ebira sons and daughters within and outside home, by taking maximum advantage of his acquaintances through friends and his private businesses. He was made Co-Launcher of various developmental projects such as water supply, construction and Infrastructural requirements to community, schools, many social promotional and religious activities and beyond in Ebiraland. Sideways many parts of Ebiraland where he made generous donations, as a dedicated and out-and-out Muslim, he observed Islamic obligations and positive contributions towards the promotion of Islam. These are all in conformity with a citation by Akeem Onoba.

He is humane, has good public relation and loved by many. He has always opined like Henry Pelling Winston Churchill, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil and sweat” for my dear Ebiraland, Kogi and Nigeria at its entirety.

The common saying of HABIB SANNI in some of his exchanges is: “Justice is the greatest interest of man on earth. I shall continue to preach the need for justice, the value of peaceful co-existence, sense of belonging and unity among the people of Ebiraland, Kogi state and the Nation at large”.

Irrefutably, the end of a better community is a dependant cognizant and enthusiastic effort as always believes and anchored on infinite responsibility to the wellbeing of a personality like Habib Sanni. It is therefore imperative we all start working to make headway for this young eloquent and uncommon personality TO BECOME THE NEXT CHAIRMAN OF OKENE LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF KOGI STATE.

– Prince Suleiman Adinoyi is Media Aide to Habib Sanni.

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