Crime Combat: Gov. Bello Commissions Vigoscope Operation Centre

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Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello on Tuesday commissioned a quick emergency reporting and response operation centre in Lokoja codenamed ‘Operation Total Freedom’.

Governor Bello explained that the Vigoscope (Vgs) operation centre is a technological incorporated security driven initiative in partnership with a private company.

Speaking with newsmen after the commissioning, Bello emphasised that the state was building on its capacity every day.

He explained that security has transcended beyond manual operations, and the state was obliged to follow in similar clime.

He reiterated that Kogi State was introducing technology to combat crime which he affirmed would improve on the level of security currently in place in the State.

The governor advised every citizen and dwellers in the state to have the Vigoscope (VGs) application on their mobile devices, to promptly report any event, which could threaten their lives and safety or that of their neighbours and get quick response from corresponding agency.

While taking the Governor round the facility, the Chairman of the security company, Engineer Steve Olu explained that the Vigoscope security and safety operation comprised of three major components.

The Chairman explained the first component was the mobile reporter which would be assigned to all citizens in form of a mobile Application to enable them report events.

Engineer Olu confirmed that the Governor had already given directives for 10,000 applications to be assigned to citizens for a start, promising to increase the number and expand the services to all parts of the State for effective coverage.

The chairman explained that the second component was the dispatcher, which he said would serve as an intermediary between the reporter and responder. The dispatcher, which has an enabled Global Positioning System (GPS), would help to ascertain the reporter’s and the closest corresponding responder’s location.

Engineer Olu further explained that the third component was the Vgs responders, which were installed in patrol vehicles of security agencies, ambulances and fire trucks to be able to effectively convey emergency messages for quick responses.

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