Coalition of Patriots Seeks Rotation of Kogi Governorship Seat to West Senatorial District

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The Coalition of Kogi State Patriots has called on politicians and critical stakeholders to support the rotation of the state governorship seat in the forthcoming November 11, 2023 election to the Western senatorial district.

The group made the call during the inaugural meeting of the Coalition aimed at mobilizing the understanding and support of the people for the rotation of Kogi state governorship to the western part of the state.

Speaking at the meeting, the Director General of the Coalition, Dr. Tom Ohikere, said as concerned citizens of the state, the level of injustice and marginalization of the Kogi West senatorial district in the journey to Lugard House calls for critical and urgent attention.

He noted that the agitation for power rotation gave birth to the formation of the Coalition of Kogi state  Patriots.

According to him, since the creation of Kogi State in 1991, and the eventual entrenchment of democratic administration, the struggle for power and control of the State has often pitched the various ethnic groups and Senatorial Districts one against the other.

He added that the scenario has left a certain level of mistrust and mutual suspicion amongst the three major ethnic groups in the state, saying it has in no small means undermined the unity and prosperity of the people.

“It is with hindsight of this historical burden, and with a deep sense of introspection that we seek to give voice and face to the clamour for a situation where we all feel a sense of belonging. Thus, the conception and birth of this organization; Coalition of Kogi State Patriots, that the next Governor of Kogi State be made to emerge from Kogi West. 

“While the Eastern Senatorial District had its reign for a long period, the clamor for power shift and rotation by the other major contending Districts never stopped. In fact, it remained loudest in our history. 

“After 16 long years of rule by our Eastern brothers at the helms of affairs of the State, the Central Senatorial District via divine providence has found itself in the saddle of the State leadership for about eight years. 

“While our current Governor, H.E, Yahaya Adoza Bello has done his best to safeguard our unity and cohesion, the clamour for power shift and rotation from the other two Districts, especially Kogi West, has remained loud and unabating. 

“This cry needs to be listened to, interrogated, and a deliberate steps taken by critical stakeholders to actualize a justiciable shift of power and rotation amongst the major blocks of our dear State,” he said.

The Coalition, while insisting and advocating for the rotation of power between the major groups of the State, stated that “It is this clamor and call for power to shift to Kogi West that we have come together to advance in a progressive, pragmatic and coherent manner as Patriots of Kogi State”

The Director General noted that in the interest of equity, justice, fairness and peaceful co-existence, power should shift to Kogi West come 2024. 

“We need not wait for another sixteen years to pass before we do that which is the right thing today. It is only fair that with Kogi East and Kogi Central haven been in the saddle for so long all men and women of goodwill rise up to be counted for this great course. The time for this has come upon us full cycle,” he said.

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