Change The Culture, Change The System

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The politics of clannish plurality has sensitised the people that the more fairly a society is organised, the more the people tend to forget about the particularism that divides them. Conversely, the more unfairly a society is organised, the more it’s citizens revive and cling to all manner of cleavages of deep segmentation and the more conflict arises. Obviously, there’s a connectivity between poverty and politics!

The time has come to gradually change the culture of new leadership style in Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal constituency, in order to change the system that can  indeed transform the lives of the constituents. Hon. Wemi Jones (FCIB), as a major player in this paradigm shift, is a toast in the business world and community development to be cherished and emulated. His wealth of experience in leadership and development with cultural relevance is of high credibility. 

The fecund of renaissance in Okun land could be eminent if the social contract embraces leadership style of persons like Hon. Wemi Jones (FCIB).


Isaac Obajemu
For: Wemi Jones Media Team

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