Caretaker Committee Presents Harmonised ICDA Constitution to Community Devt Associations Sept 25

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The incorporated trustees of Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA) has announced that a harmonized draft constitution that will guide the next leadership of the socio-cultural organization will be presented to community associations on September 25.

In a brief chat with journalists in Lokoja on Monday, the chairman of the caretaker committee under the incorporated leadership of ICDA , Comrade Emmanuel Omata, said the harmonised draft of the ICDA constitution has inputs of all concerned groups.

He explained that the caretaker committee acted following the advice of the Acting Chairman Igala Area Traditional Council and Eje Dekina, HRH Chief Usman Obaje that the incorporated trustees of ICDA under the leadership of Dr Omakoji Oyiguh should mend fences with another concerned group and move the association forward.

Omata said the royal counsel propelled the committee to action and evolve a harmonised ICDA constitution for the next leadership of the association.

He added that it will be subjected to leadership of community and socio-cultural associations in Igala on Saturday September 25 for study and criticisms to reflect the minds of Igala nation where the final draft will emerge.

“The effort has followed a meeting of the Ejeh Dekina and Acting Chairman Igala Area Traditional Council, HRH Chief Usman Obaje, who tasked the Incorporated Trustees under the leadership of Dr Omakoji Oyiguh and Prof Stephen Ocheni to meet and decide how to move the Association forward.

“The meeting of the two groups had produced a harmonised draft constitution which was produced by Chief Ogwu Onoja SAN,” he expressed.

The caretaker committee chairman commended Barrister Ogwu Onoja, SAN, for the production of the harmonised draft constitution that is expected to be worked upon to reflect Igala contents.

However, Comrade Emmanuel Omata reminded leaders of sociocultural and community development associations of their meeting scheduled to hold on Saturday 25th September, 2021 where copies of the drafted constitution will be presented to them for further scrutiny and eventual ratification at a delegates meeting to be called soon.

He added that the copy of the draft constitution will be circulated as widely as possible for stakeholders to make inputs for final copy to evolve thereafter.

The caretaker committee chairman urged all to be wary of any group decision since grey areas that brought the organisation into ridicule are being tackled by the incorporated leadership, saying that until the constitution of the organisation is duly accepted by the people themselves, which the process has kicked off, people should disregard any move to constitute any form of leadership for the association in any guise.

Meanwhile, Comrade Emmanuel Omata enjoined the members of the cultural group to remain calm and disregard any purported delegate conference of ICDA, saying that the date for such conference of the organisation will soon be announced.

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