Buhari’s Fall in Kogi; When God is Angry

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It is no longer news that President Muhamadu Buhari fell after missing his steps in Lokoja during the campaign rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi state on Wednesday.

I have read several interpretations to the fall while the world was watching. Many said Buhari’s fall shows he is physically unfit to lead the country. Some said it was a bad omen. The truth is that God Almighty is angry with Buhari, particularly for being an ingrate to the good people of Kogi state.

Since the inception of the current democracy in 1999, Kogi has always voted more in support of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidates. Even in 1999 when we voted for Prince Abubakar Audu as our governor, we still voted for the then PDP presidential candidate. However, in 2015, we came all out and stunned PDP by voting enmasse for Buhari. Kindly note that since the creation of Kogi state, nobody ruled Nigeria without winning Kogi votes. The only presidential candidate who lost Kogi votes and was about to win never ruled.

Back to Buhari’s ingratitude. The last time Kogi people saw their beloved President was in 2015 when he came to Lokoja to canvass for their votes. After winning, he disappeared and only re-appeared on Wednesday to beg for votes!

In 2015, the only thing Buhari said was that he will fix Ajaokuta Steel if elected. Three and half years in power, Ajaokuta Steel is still where it was when he made that promise in Lokoja. When he returned to Kogi on Wednesday, he totally forgot about Ajaokuta Steel! He was returning to his sit when Governor Bello begged him to talk about the Steel plant. He returned and said; “…your Governor has just told me about your problem, Ajaokuta Steel…” Even at that, Baba did not say anything concrete about the Steel plant. Adding to that, does Buhari think Ajaokuta Steel is our only ‘problem’? All federal roads in Kogi state, without exception, are in deplorable state. proposed Idah and Lokoja ports are begging for attention. Oil stolen oil wells in Ibaji are still a source of concern. Lokoja-Shintaku bridge is important to us. upgrading College of Agriculture in Kabba to a full fledged University as passed by the National Assembly is important to us. Improved funding for Federal University Lokoja to move to her permanent site, introduce more courses and employ more people is important to us. The list is endless.

Buhari’s 2015 electoral success in Kogi was managed by great men like late Prince Audu, late Senator Ohize, late Chief James Ocholi, late Adinoyi Ojo Onukaba, Senator Ohiare, Senator Dino Melaye, Chief Clarence Olafemi and a host of others. All these heroes, dead and alive, are not worthy of recognition in the books of Buhari. Haba! No even a ‘one minute silence’ was accorded the departed souls of Audu, Ocholi, Ohize and Onukaba? And you think you will leave with falling off the podium?

Instead, Buhari chose to put his trust in Yahaya Bello, the same man he has empowered to terrorize us in Kogi state. Yahaya Bello is owing salaries despite bailout, Paris club refunds and improved monthly allocations. Baba, nothing stops you from calling him order to address some issues that have long shortchanged the rights of the citizens of Kogi State. You rather have remained deliberately silent. Yes, we are powerless, we are poor, our cries matters less to you but our God is angry.

Illegally imported military wares alleged meant for Kogi government were exposed but you have remained criminally silent on this important issue. There are reports of political thugs in uniforms attacking opponents in the state and we believe they are using some of the reported imported military wares but it is okay by you so long as it favours your first son, Yahaya Bello. We have cried and shouted but you are unmoved. We are powerless but our God is angry.

Mr. President, let no man deceive you, the God of Kogi people is angry with you and decided to warn you with that fall in Lokoja on Wednesday. That was the same way God warned your first son, Yahaya Bello last year when he fell off his jeep in the market square in broad day light. You saw him on crutches, right? That was a sign from the God of weak and powerless Kogi people.

I am not interested in the outcome of February presidential election but where you stand before the God of the weak and powerless Kogi people. You still have time to make amends, Mr. President. Our God is angry with you.

– Adamu Ojonugwa writes from Lokoja.

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