Brief History of Etibi Stream and Why It Should be a Tourist Centre in Bassa-Nge Land

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Etibi stream is located in Gboloko, along Takete road. It is about a kilometer away from the palace of Etsu Bassa-Nge, Gboloko, Bassa local government area of Kogi state.

The source, spiritual and physical benefits of the water is unknown to many as it is seen as just a normal water.

Etibi, in the early days of settlement in Gboloko, had served as the only source of water to the people of Gboloko and its environs.

The source of the water was said to have been traced to far away Ethiopia. Research has it that the water had its origin from Ethiopia. It is as pure as spring water at all times. It doesn’t dry and It comes out from the ground without passing through any of the nearby water canals in the area. Its a well-known water as far as Bassa-Nge land is concerned.

It is earlier mentioned that the water had served as a source of water to Gboloko and its environs. This is because, the early days of Bassa-Nge Anglican Grammar School, the students and staff of the school depended so much on it to survive. The people of Gboloko community, until the coming of borehole in this recent times, depended and some living within its area still depending on it.

People of Takete, Emi-Epe, Agbaitsu, Amonoku, Effin, as well as Igalas who comes through the Takete-Gboloko road on market days stop to drink, wash legs and even wash fresh fish in the water.

According to history, Etibi was a name of a great Igala herbalist – although turned Bassa-Nge as a result of long periods interrelationship – who resided at the bank of the water.

The Spiritual Benefits of the Water

It solves impotency in women:
History made us to understand that in the 19th and early 20th centuries, those who had a problem of child bearing could go to the place, a particular calabash was kept by the water, take a shower, drink a full calabash and by the grace of God, their problems were considered solved. History told us that it worked for those who believed it.

It protects one against any form of spiritual attack:
It was said that no evil plans work against one who wakes up at the middle of the night and bath direct from the water.

Etibi has big snakes with no head and tail. It comes out every five years and always target market days. The snakes comes in colours and sizes but they are not common among the normal snakes we know.

The last one came out on the 27th of November, 2014 and it was there for five days. Market men and women came to the scene to watch, the representatives of Etsu, Aletso, Gago Takete and others were sent to witness it. It was long that no one could even see its head and the tail.

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