Bread and Butter Politics; The Killer of Nigerian Democracy

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In modern nation, people often form political parties to represent the generality of Members interest cum ideas. It further gave birth to the existence of political parties in Nigeria like People’s Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressive Congress (APC), Social Democratic Party (SDP) and others. An election is usually a competition between different patties. Party primaries are intra party activities whereby a candidate is chosen by the party via the instrumentality of the party’s structure by the way of voting subject to the relevant provisions of the party’s constitution bothering on party’s primaries.

Despite the fact that politics is a multifaceted word, it has a set of fairly specific meanings that are descriptive and nonjudgmental such as “the art or science of government”. Rod Hague; Martin Harrop (31 May 2013) posited that “politics involves making decision that apply to groups of members”.

In other words, politics is an organized activities that is associated with the governance of a country, states or area.

Politics in Nigeria is polluted with some pollutants which are alien to the ideal practice of politics. Politics today is been dictated by butter and bread and who produces the bigger share of buttered bread for the party stakeholders becomes their favourite.

Just some few days ago party leaders of my local government of origin allegedly concluded on whom to give a party ticket on the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in respect of the forthcoming Local Government election. Dekina the largest Local Government of Nigeria should be worthy of emulation in doing what is right at the right time. The party’s leadership is expected to shun politics of bread and butter and avail all aspirants equal opportunity to test run their popularity and their level of acceptability within the party.

On the whole people are waiting to hear from the party as to the rumour being peddled that the leaders of the party has resolved to announce a candidate for the party in respect of the forthcoming Chairmanship election.

Politics of bread and butter is the killer of Nigerian democracy, there is need for us to shun it now or never. Dig dip into the crisis that almost consumed the National Chairman of the ruling party, Adams Oshiomhole, it is not far from the politics of bread and butter. The fact that he allegedly wanted to take charge of the affairs of the state by working to replace Governor Obaseki and Obaseki is using his financial muscles to make Oshiomhole worthless in Edo State is a pointer to the fact that he (Oshiomhole) is almost consumed by bread and butter politics.

Generally, politics in Nigeria is likened to a pendulum in it unstable manner, however, we should be seen addressing political issues rightly with keen interest on transparency and quality representation.

To me, the hallmark of politics should be transparency and quality representation, hence an attempt to divert from the hallmark could amount to a decision born out of personal interest, sending a signal that a buttered bread is already served.

Bread and butter politics is a deadly virus in Nigerian politics, it should be more feared than the COVID-19 (aka Corona Virus).

It is in the interest of our young democracy to avoid politics of bread and butter and embrace politics of development, only when we have realised to toe that part of honour, there and then we shall be closer to the Nation of our dream.

– Arome Odoma Esq., a human right lawyer, writes from Lokoja.

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