Bishop Oluwarohunbi Stresses Importance of Family Altar

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By Bayo Aka.

Christian altars have been described as the throne of God where individuals, churches or nations can meet with their Creator and only submission to Him brings success

The Bishop of Yewa Diocese, Ogun State, the Rt Rev’d Michael Oluwarohunbi, made this known during the opening service for the third session of the ninth synod of Anglican Diocese of Kabba, Kogi State.

The team of the synod is the place and power of the alter as a means of Christian discipleship and the text is taken from 1King 18:20-41.

Using Prophet Obadiah in the text as his case study, the cleric said discipleship and faith in Christendom should be deep so as to be able to face challenging situations in Christian way.

He noted that the alter of God has great power to make our lives better.

Oluwarohunbi also pointed out that there was a great need to ensure that family altars play its roles at the formative years of the young ones, adding that without which children become wayward.

According to him children who engage in armed robbery, kidnapping, Yahoo Yahoo plus activities, prostitution and other vices were not exposed to family alters and training.

Speaking further, he said the family altar is also a place of prophesy where parents pray and shape the lives of their children to becoming better citizens of a nation.

He urged the congregation to change and place alter in the realm it should be placed.

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