Bello’s Invitation by Reps: Questions for Those Calling Themselves Honorable Members

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1. What is the relationship bond between the Leader of House Of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila and James Faleke?

2. What could have been his personal interest on Kogi State  affairs, that prompted him to go as far to lobby for Chairmanship of the Committee set up by House Of Reps to intervene?

3. Why did he choose to remain silence prior tribunal judgement?

4. What could have been his motive supporting PDP?

We should all be vigilant and start campaigns against those cowards. This are little area we should ask Gbajabiamila before he poison Kogi State as a result of playing politics of friends and because of his selfish interest.

If qualities were to be classified, honesty would be with courage, and cowardice with dishonesty. I see them as dishonorable members, quality honest not in them.

A courageous Honorable Member ought to be when to stand up to one’s opponents, and when to be patient in the face of criticism.

Finally, I put this to them if they  knew the worth of Allah’s mercy, they would swallow their prides and congratulate His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello Adoza FCNA.

God help Kogi state, God help GYB.

– Abdullahi Onimisi Abdullahi CPA, MNIM

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