Bello Got Kogi State So Cheap And That Is Reason For His Misbehaviour – Austin Usman Okai

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…despite insecurity, Bello is yet to hold security meeting since assumption of office.


Governor Yahaya Bello got Kogi State governorship so cheap and that led to this re-current misbehavior.


Yes, the pharaoh of Kogi state is responsible for the insecurity in our land. Ever since Pharaoh, sorry I mean Bello, assumed office as governor in Lugard House he has never held a security meeting for once. In a month, a governor of a state is suppose to hold a Joint Security meeting at least 3 times with Commissioner of Police, Director of DSS in the state, Commandant Civil Defense and other relevant a Security Apparatus in attendance.


Once it is not money and how to divert it, the Pharaoh of Kogi state is not interested.



Is their any contractual agreement between Pharaoh and the good people of Kogi state? The answer is NO.


Did  he made any campaigns promises ? No.



Was he elected by Kogi people? Of course, No.


Mustapha Audu, the son of late Prince Abubakar Audu once told the world that the Pharaoh of Kogi State paid money to John Oyegun, the All Progressives Congress, APC, National Chairman to inherit his father votes. I am sure the pharaoh must be thinking that he bought Kogi state.


Is Kogi so so unlucky ? I don’t think so.


Just as a public commentator in Kogi State, Sufyan Adam puts it, armed robbery, which was not rampant in the state before is now walking naked on the streets. A week barely goes by without recording one or two incidents of robbery and kidnapping. This appalling!


The most common of the crime now is kidnapping.


Since January, more than 70 people have been reportedly kidnapped. Families are devastated, ransom paid yet no arrest made. Kidnappers now dance shoki around the state.



Cultists, with their nefarious activities are on the prowl and has kept the people in a surly state. In all these and many more, the government is paying deaf hears or less concerned to the cries of the people.



Where have we got it wrong? Why can’t we sleep in our various homes in peace?  Why? Three days ago Architect Salman Idris and his friend, Engineer Orenibi were kidnapped, yesterday Malle Isah was kidnapped. Between last week and now more than five kidnap cases have been recorded. Where are we going? The question begging for an answer .




– Usman Okai Austin

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