Before It Is Too Late: Open Letter to Hon. TeeJay Yusuf

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Dear Honorable Yusuf,
I write this letter to you on behalf of Concerned APC Women Leaders in the Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency that you now represent at the National Assembly because we are mothers with conscience and do not want any problem for you but to retrace your steps, apologise to us and change from your ways.
We prefer to make the letter open so that the entire people reading this can bear us witness incase you refuse to correct this problem then we will not have any alternative than to take the matter to the appropriate quarters.
We received the news of your planned Women empowerment Loan with a lot of shock because we did not believe you could be such a liar, deceiver and cunny politician despite the way you are rated.
Although this offence you commited did not start today but this must stop now. We remember how you used the money federal government gave for our constituency development to buy motorcycles and refrigerators to bribe delegates to vote for you during the last primary election. You fraudulently converted money that would have been used for community development begging for attention to win your 2nd term ticket and the public didn’t know.
We also have kept quiet when you used the constituency project money to buy a new 18 seater Bus for yourself instead of using it for the people.
We will not also talk about how you used little out of our yearly constituency project money to buy grinding machines, motorcycles, clippers, dryers and other items and share for your party members leaving the rest of us who are not in your party to suffer and lack out of what belongs to the people of Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu.
You have done all this continuously for the past 7 years and the sum of 900 million that you have collected since you got into the National Assembly have been wasted to empower your party members instead of spending it for the good of all of us.
We also note your lopsided job security you have offered since your coming to office, for Instance nobody from my village in Aiyere or it’s environment has been given a job since you became a member of House of Reps.
You have used your greed, selfishness and wickedness to scatter our cherished rotation arrangement you benefited from using our constituency fund to achieve this, today there is confusion everywhere because of the House of Representatives rotation and people using your bad example to vent their political interest and making it difficult for my zone (Ijumu Arin) to take what rightfully is ours.
I want to warn you on behalf of entire women of BIK against another satanic plan of yours to use our constituency fund to buy delegates to propel your evil agenda for Senate in the name of Women Empowerment Loan.
We are aware that you are now deceiving members of your party that you have helped them secure loan for women empowerment and sharing the same for party ward executives in order to deceive them like before. You are even so satanic in your effort that you called the legitimate money belonging to our constituency a Loan, where is your conscience Mr TJ ? You are also planning to share money belonging to all of the people as loan to a few party executives. Have you forgotten the your former Boss Smart Adeyemi did the same to our people in the name of car loan yet failed woefully? I want you to know that you are not the only representative we have in the National Assembly. If Senator Dino Melaye can be bringing all these projects home with his own constituency fund and displaying award letter in the social media then we don’t expect you to deceive the people because of your ambition. In 2017 Budget alone, our performing Senator has secured project in all the LGAs of Kogi West and have justified his 250m constituency fund, the least we expect from you is to use our money for projects begging for attention in the federal constituency instead of deceiving the people to use their money as loan for them. The 30 million naira you want to deceive the people with is part of their 2017 constituency development fund and it must be for the good of the constituency.
We want to warn you to stop the wicked, deceptive and cunning sharing of form to your party executives alone as we are ready to fight this wickedness to the end.
We will go to every level to fight for justice over this matter. All we want from you is to share the same empowerment to all the political parties if that is the way you want to share our commonwealth because the money is not meant for PDP alone but the entire people of Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu. If we have kept quiet for long we are not ready to keep quiet again.
We also use this opportunity to advise our royal fathers, religious leaders and community leaders to call Hon TJ Yusuf to order or we take the appropriate steps against him which shall not be in his interest.
If we can forgive him for all the sin of the past, all the diverted and uncompleted projects we will not let this one go, we will fight for what belongs to all of us that he is sharing for only his party members.
A word is enough for the wise.

Ikusagba Esther Omoyeni
For Concerned APC Women Leaders
Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency

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