Before Calamity Falls, Please Pay Your Appointees, Open Letter to Gov. Yahaya Bello

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Your Excellency, 
Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello; 
Executive Governor of Kogi State 

Your Excellency,


My esteemed regards sir. I am constrained to convey this message via this medium because of the urgency of the issue I will raise.

I got to know about the situation of your political appointees when I requested for the settlement of a debt from a political appointee and was told their salaries are in arrears of two months. This got me incensed because I thought he was trying not to pay me. For the first time in over 10 years of business transactions, this person defaulted in payment.

Considering the fact that, the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eidel Fitri fell within this period, I wonder why Muslims had to pass through the agony of nonpayment of salary.

My investigation revealed that the allocation from the Federal was received as at when due. 

Your Majesty, irrespective of the sins of your appointees, considering their dependents ought to evoke compassion.

Children are hungry, wives are almost being converted to sidechics by those with means.
I learnt the political appointees are being punished for their performances during the last general elections. 

Your Majesty, the elections have been won and lost and the focus now should be on the November, 2023 Governorship election.

Whoever gave the idea of withholding the salaries of political appointees and for this long is callous and will face God’s wrath in the fullness of time. 

Your Majesty, the silence of those affected is the calm that comes before a storm. A situation where your appointees will no more have any fear because they have been emboldened by pain will not be in anyone’s interest. 

Those whose political aspirations hit the rock and are the promoters of the present line of action should be those being sanctioned. The outcome of the election is not disloyalty or rejection of Your Excellency’s leadership but the non-acceptance of those affected by the people for lots of reasons. 

The agony of a father and husband unable to provide for his family is deep and Your Excellency will do good by giving instructions for the immediate payment of the outstanding salaries of your appointees. 

As your administration is on the homestretch, I urge that you ignore any advice that will result in pain for your people. 

I pray that Almighty Allah grant you the grace to end this leadership journey as it concerns Kogi State well.

Accept the assurance of my esteemed regards.

Abdulhamid Hayatoudeen

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