Be Patient, We Will Soon Reject The Calamitous ‘New Direction’ for ‘Right Direction’ – Atumeyi Urge Kogites

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The Chairman of National Chairman of Network for Change and Good Governance (NCGG), Comrade Ismaila Yusuf Atumeyi, has pleaded with Kogi people to exercise patience in the face of unprecedented hardship they are facing now as the right person that will lead Kogi state in the ‘Right Direction’ will soon emerge.

In a chat with Kogireports today, Atumeyi condemned the human rights abuse of civil servants in Kogi State who had to go through a harrowing experience in the hands of four different staff verification committees spanning one year.

“Instead of defining his government’s economic, education and infrastructural development policies, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is busying fighting unseen political enemies and playing Ludo with the destinies of hardworking civil servants in the state”, he said.

“Look at the education sector, the current administration cannot boast of constructing a single classroom in one year! One roads, he has shown his fraudulent traits through dubious flag-off ceremonies. He will move construction equipment to site, invite media men to cover a bogus flag-off ceremony and that is the end. He will then move same equipment to another site for similar fraudulent jamboree.

“Without doubt, Yahaya Bello’s one year in office is the worst by any governor in the history of Kogi state. Even the cash-starved military administrators performed better than Yahaya Bello. This is so unfortunate.

“On the dubious screening exercise, Yahaya Bello is sacking genuine civil servants subtly. His definition of ghost worker is strange to global norms. Obviously, he is downsizing! Help me ask him how many job opportunities he has created so far that he his busy multiplying Kogi’s unemployment rate.

“The Governor is busy buying luxury cars for himself and his cronies while his Chief of Staff is busy buying hotels. I urge all Kogites to prayerfully exercise patience as we have resolved to reject the calamitous New Direction for Right Direction very soon”

Atumeyi called on Kogi elite to come out of their current state of inaction and rescue the state from further damage.

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