Bassa Protests Exclusion From National Confab

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The Coalition of Igala-Bassa socio-cultural & development association from Kogi State has protested their exclusion from the National Conference on the basis of North Central geo-political zone and socio-cultural/ethnic nationality nomination.

Dr. Yakubu Ugwolawo, who delivered a keynote address at a pre-national conference meeting of Igala ethnic nationality held in Abuja on Saturday said the meeting was held in Abuja instead of Idah, the seat of Igala Kingdom, as part of efforts to articulate their position, strengthen the unity of Igala nation and to widen the scope of consultations needed to effect compromise and consensus among them.

Ugwolawo, who condemned the situation where other ethnic nationalities were qualified to have 20 slots in the conference, said Igalas had four representatives in the federal House of Representatives in 1959, five in 1979 but three members between 1999 and now.

He said quantity of representation diminished in arithmetical progression so the quality diminished in geometrical progression.

He said the few Igalas nominated by the federal government at the conference will be there not in the Igala interest but those who appointed them and described their exclusion from the National Conference as a manifestation of index of oppression against the Igalas by the federal government.

He called on President Goodluck Jonathan to revisit the list of the delegates for the National Conference with a view to including the Igalas.


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