Bassa Chairmanship and the Need to Look Inward

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Since the rumour about government’s readiness to conduct local government polls started penetrating the ears and minds of the populace in the state, various political gladiators in the various local government areas of Kogi state have since commence campaign, some openly, while some have choose to consult with various interest groups underground to get their assurance and endorsement before hitting the ground. Whichever way each aspirant choose to execute their ambitions, they are already in the ring and in the coming days, everything will come to the public domain especially now that the rumour is getting some level of credibility with many saying the polls has been slated for 4th April 2020.

Bassa local government area, like the other 20 LGAs, have also seen many personalities indicates interest in carving a niche for themselves politically by showing interest in the forthcoming contest. Some as executive chairmen while others, councillors. Few bold, courageous and determined women have also shown interest which many believed will to some extent make this contest absolutely interesting and thick.

One of the aspirants vying for the highest office in the land is Prince Adamu Ibrahim Alih, a young vibrant, educated, determined, dogged and bold young man who shocked everyone recently by indicating his readiness to slug it out in the forthcoming polls.

To kick-start his journey to Oguma, the seat of the local government headquarters, he first of all went round to pay homage to notable traditional rulers and elders in the local government area to formally inform them of his intention and to also familiarize himself with our Royal Majesties who are the custodians of our culture and traditional heritage.

Traditional rulers visited by the young politician include their royal majesties the Etsu of Bassa-Nge,Aguma of Bassa-kwomu, Ohiogba of Mozum and many other royal fathers. As it is the custom, he was fervently prayed for and received royal blessings. He has also been consulting and linking up with Student bodies all in a bid to solicit for their support.

His activities with sociocultural associations in the land has also been viewed as a plus and factor to work in his favour in the coming days. He has also paid his dues as far as politics is concerned not just in the local government but the state at large. He has remained consistent in his support for the present leadership in the state under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) a real die-hard GYBist. He has also been receiving positive response and endorsement across the local area.

If given the opportunity, we are not saying he holds the magic wand to turn the local government to a California county but will certainly do his best to ensure the yearning and aspirations of our people are promptly addressed.

He is young, educated, experienced, respectful and has the political connections to make Bassa great again.
Let’s look inward !!!

– Wambebe Godwin

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