Barr Naseer Ahmad: The Turban Child of Destiny by The Maigari of Lokoja

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Through divine guidance and the supremacy of the invincible hand of God Almighty, an illustrious son from Lokoja, under the foresight wisdom of the Maigari of Lokoja, His Royal Highness, Dr Muhammadu Kabir Maikarfi III OON, the Chairman Lokoja traditional council of chief whose penchant style of leadership has turned him a popular figure both at home and other side of the world.
A careful scrutiny of the personality of Barrister Ahmad by the the Maigari has found that Ahmad is a golden fish hiding in the mighty ocean of achievements but his humility and down to earth nature turned him a Jewel in the savannas. This time around he has been dogged out for celebration, to be crowned the ‘Dan-Darman’ Lakwaja.
The word ‘Dan-Darman’ is Wisdom personify and it means more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning. The word ‘Dan-Darman’ literally means representation of strength, versatility, enthusiasm, agility and unconventional methods of leading others in defence of people’s symbol of authority.
The wider meaning of ‘Dan-Darman’ has to do with People who tend to be extremely passionate, loyal and intense in their emotions and commitments. Once they decide to do something for someone, they will give everything they have from themselves in order to make it happen.
Being an organised man who respect orderliness, the Dan-Darman tubarning Symbolise order, respect and reverence for the higher authority. Some of the threads that were seen in him to be of order and respect, a reason why that many are convinced Ahmad has succeeded in all works of live. Through out his careers record revealed that he rarely fail or give up on an issue, he is the persistence type and also holds true for matters of the heart. Love and care is given to people who become objects of their desire. He is not very superficial person. Quite talented by nature he has a strong supportive personality that is quite loyal.
One of the unique nature of Barr Ahmad is the fruits of relationship he exhibit with people and ready to share their life and rarely can you find him being single. Always with people in trying to help them. In the depths of his hearts he simply enjoy doing fun activities with a partner. Compassionate lovers of people who above all seek commitment and effort to sustain a relationship. One unique skill he has is the ability to handle different amounts of energy, time or money in an efficient way. Which makes him stay on journey of life successfully.
He always tend to be generous, caring and hilarious to be with. Through out his life, Barr Ahmad has being living by a creed of truth, transparency and a very high sense of integrity as his guiding principles, apt on seeking the liberation of the downtrodden by meeting their needs, a passionate supporter of young entrepreneurs to succeed in whatever business venture they dare.
This young and versatile man who is the New Dan-Darman in Lokoja history recorded so many silent achievements.
For this short description of the 21st century Barrister many are of the believe that the Maigari of Lokoja is a man full with an undiluted wisdom from on high to discovered a gifted Son of the land for this noble assignment. Indeed with him as one of the title holders of the long standing dynasty of the Maigari.
The Man Ahmed whose personality story is beyond the pages of newspaper to cover but only books can accommodate the much he has rendered to nation building and Lokoja as his home of origin.
A sport Man in nature with interest in golf, lawn tennis, always in the adventure of making friends and meeting new people. Ahmad is a Barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court with huge crowd in always cheering ovation on sighting him.
– Abbas Yahaya

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