Babadoko: When Call to Service Becomes Loud

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With the successful conduct of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary election that usher in Hon. Suleiman Babadoko as the flagbearer of the party for the forthcoming House of Assembly election, Alhaji Sule has continued to receive accolades and encomium from people.
For the first time in the history of PDP’s primary, a candidate was unanimously elected or emerged without hue and cries that normally associated or charasterised the process. This indeed is a welcome development. The hitches free primary has indicated that, the party is fully organized and prepared.
However, at the present desire of people asking for another person to go for them from ward D whose thunderous voice must be heard in the entire Kogi state for meaningful contribution at state Assembly will not be a devolve of rhetorics or theories of heated debate that will not resolve to solving people’s problems.
Now the conscientious voice of these people is looking at a good character personified in leadership, a performer and destiny reshape Personality. Now it’s glaring all eyes are seems to sight the hero son of the ward, the only twinkle giant star in the horizon of the ward, an eagle whose indelible records of achievements speaks of his calmness and style of leadership. The Convalesce of the people yearn is due as haven discovered a legends, good and able people being noticed to alter for good change in no distance time.
Suleiman Babadoko who is popularly known as “Gurza” seems to have a beckoning lifting hands of people from  Lokoja | constituency. This young man of alacrity attitude who believe in putting smiles in the life of people is now hearing a call from other wards that makes up  Lokoja | constituency.
A man of respect and dignity attracted a deference of a sighted good leader by his people who gave him a courtesy and esteem him very high and regarded to be a hope at last, a rekindled dwindling dream of thousands of people not only in Lokoja but in the whole of kogi who they know can speak up, can speaks out and can stands out for the sake of the downtrodden and the constituency will get a sense of true representation with his honorable works.
With great amount of enthusiasm many people have interest in this philanthropic living man, a diadem ornament. This has position Babadoko in the watchful eyes of people doing great in their various field of endeavor, men and women are now watching with hearts full of hopes to see their dream becoming into a reality haven see him selfless services he rendered in some parts of the constituency.
The drum of support enjoyed by Babadoko across the five political wards attested to the fact that he is a bridge builder and loved by many Lokojans. Also, the clarion call could not be unconnected with his sterling leadership qualities spanning for over a period of 8 years. To the good people of Lokoja, the name of Alhaji sule  is synonymous with good representation.
Hon. Babadoko’s four years in the 5th Assembly could be described as a success story. He sponsored many bills that strengthened our financial sector and accelerated socio-economic development of the state. The youths of his state constituency could not forget in hurry how he secured and influence over hundred appointments in lucrative ministries and parastatals for them. Hon Babadoko’s vast experience has come to bear while piloting the affairs of PDP. His ability to manage the multi-faceted and multi-tasking problems bedeviling the party is very impressive and has caught the attention of the people. When the party was grappling with the numerous challenges many people thought the end of it has come. Surprisingly, the quintessentially business man and administrator per-excellent rescued the party  to the satisfaction of all and sundry.
Call him a shrewd politician you are not far from fetched facts of who he is, whose ideology of a dogged fight made him a new breed of young politicians coming up with fresh minds and mentally to ship wreck odds and obsoletes brains to suit the 21st century of good, better and best politician.
While coming up as a politician Babadoko had never pitched his tents with the moving crowd,or joining the mammoth crowd to make blunders decision but he rather stay with his party to create relevant changes with his rich wisdom and act of leadership.
See him a younger man but owned a mighty spirit within to face giants situations as he remains a strong voice in the PDP, a voice that can be reckoned with in the political system of Lokoja local government.
With the rumbles state of Lokoja local government, a capital that is far from the smells of good representation because of lack of who to sent and why he or she should go there, Lokoja ought to have been a place massively endowed with since the inception of democracy in 1999 backwardly nicknamed as the harboring areas of idle people because of lack of good lawmakers whose heart and minds goes to the common man that can create enabling bills which when pass to law will have a direct effect in the people of the area.
Babadoko heard a voice of “who shall I sent? Who will go for the entire people of Lokoja ?” Babadoko answered in an affirmative voice, a sign of burden burning right in his heart to create laws that have direct bearing to the people of his roots.
With certainty of change because he is a man of transformation whose years of experience as one time member has positioned him well to go the state assembly in other to liberates both young and old, men and women and generation yet unborn with his good intentions of making vibrant laws.
The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is the party of this great vision bearer that has its manifestoes to bring power to the entire country for good.
Babadoko ride on! Gurza go on!! Go and say the minds of many voices in the 7th Assembly Complex.
– Abbas Yahaya

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