Austin Okai: Idah Youths Threaten To Recall Lawmaker

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The motion to summon Comrade Austin Okai to the Kogi State House Assembly has continued to attract condemnation as Idah Youths Forum, Lokoja branch said it has concluded arrangement to recall their representative, Haruna Musa Idoko from the state Assembly.
In a statement made available to newsmen by Noah David, the youth group described the new role of puppet embarked upon by the lawmaker representing Idah as a great disservice to the people and the entire Igala race.
The youths queried the representation Haruna Idoko had deployed in the course of ‎his political sojourn both at the council level and as a state lawmaker, saying the group is utterly disappointed in his new role that had thrown his popularity into the trash can.
Noah assured Okai that efforts subtly or carried out by proxy ‎will be resisted by the people of the area in the course of the political development.
He said the youths will not hesitate to bring into reality the threat to recall the lawmaker ‎and warned him not to consider vying for any political or elective position again.
The group spokesman said ‎they are not unaware of the grand plan by the state government to instigate some disgruntled and unpatriotic members of the state assembly into dancing the music orchestrated by the inhuman administration to continue to place people on the part of permanent hardship, hunger and penury.
Noah promised to carry out the group’s threat to recall the lawmaker without further delay,
“A representative who won a controversial rerun election and cannot speak for his suffering masses leaves much to be desired.
“We are not surprised by this new role he has embarked upon for his paymasters as this was part of the covenant ‎that fraudulently earned him victory during the rerun poll in Idah,” he said.
He described the lawmaker as a total disgrace to the people of the area, the Igala race, the state assembly and the people of Kogi state.

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