Attah Igala Stool: When Silence is No Longer Golden

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The latest has not been heard about the process to appoint a new Attah Igala yet, but certainly the process is on, albeit with rumoured concerns regarding the roles of the king makers.

It doth appear that an other wise straight forward process is been subjected to some manipulative tendencies.  Expectedly, the people and the gods are becoming worried.

As the process goes to the Igala Area traditional council (ATC), it is now time for the Igala people to redeem themselves, save tradition and restore for themselves a modicum of respect and integrity.

The Chairman and the members must remember that the people and the gods are watching keenly and sternly .Need them be told that the land is angry already, by the  conscience tainting manipulation that the king makers may have adopted so far.

This is the time to go closer and strictly to the law.

The Ameachor clan has screened and nominated a candidate according to the law, among the children of Opaluwa Oguche at a ruling house meeting in Idah, called for the purpose and attended by members of the family from various cities and villages of Igala land where they reside.

The records and video recordings are there. Who did they nominate?

The nomination is sent to the King makers, who are obliged to send the nominee to the Achadu, who is also requested to send to the Traditional Area Council for ratification before sending to the Governor for approval.

Nothing in this process gives any body the power to screen and nominate on behalf of the ruling house, whose turn it is to rule or to substitute a candidate who has been validly selected by the family.

The acting chairman of the Igala Area traditional council has his moment with history. the people and the Gods.
He must resist the temptation for graft, favouritism or impunity.

It is time to return the core values of the Igala justice, truthfullness, honesty, straight forwardness and the the fear of God.

The success and climax of Igala kingdom devoid of ancestral grouse is to do the needful by the ATC and make selfless recommendation to the Governor, whose intentions and decisions is dependent on their recommendations without prejudice.

The Igala race is yearning and clamouring for a new paramount ruler of its race. This same development came to fore in Kogi West when the Obaro of Kabba passed on, with less rancour, Igala kingdom should not be an exception.

The state government is ready to do the needful in line with the gazetted process already put in place by the state government envisaging such eventualities.

Unyogba Igala laced with genuine contents, intentions is what is desirable, let us work in line with the provision as specified.

– Ahmodu Omachonu writes from Ankpa.

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