Ankpa Reps: Hon. Abdullahi Halims’ Emergence as APC Candidate Well Deserved

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Honourable sir, we received the results of your electoral victory at the just concluded primary election of our great party, APC, with joy and thanksgiving to the almighty God who in his grace gives power to whom it pleases. This victory is one that is well deserved and we believe in the potential of this victory in uniting our people who have now embraced democracy as the best form of governance.

We also want to assure you that our people appreciate a good leader when they see one and this victory is an answer to all that you are the leader our people need to continue with your laudable programmes that have laid the foundation for Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro federal constituency developments in all its physicality and ramifications.

Our party has spoken in favour of continuity for you as their flag bearer which they have totally embraced. We believe that the beginning of everything is believing that we can do better and with you as our pilot in the National Assembly, we shall reach our destined destination.

Today, this victory of yours have helped galvanize the spirit of oneness and togetherness in our once aggravated and divided constituency. But your victory at the primary has eliminated the dividing lines of  religious differences and made us one people.

We also want to congratulate our delegates, they are true believer in the constituency project rejuvenated by your new style of politics. We appreciate their supporting role and together we believe you shall work together to win the general election and  steer the area to an enviable height that our peers will copy and envy.

We are also using this medium to congratulate Alh Yahaya Bello the governor for sticking out his neck for his principal and creating the atmosphere for victory in the just concluded primary election in the state. Your elevation to this enviable office did not come to us as a surprise because u are the best Honourable member to have represented the constituency in the National Assembly, you walk your talk.

We shall not forget the tireless and workaholic performance in the House. You have aggrandized all the people of Ankpa Omala and Olamaboro Federal constituency.  Words alone can not describe what your support translated to the votes that made the landslide victory possible.

We are all supporters of your ideological position that no one in society should be left behind but everyone should be supported to live out their dreams to the fullest of their potentials in their youth, and have a dignified and comfortable retirement in their old age. We know you believe this is the fundamental objectives of the government. Please ,work to ensure as one people, all should in this your second coming be direct beneficiaries of your programmes.

Finally, you have no option but to succeed and posterity shall be kind to you when you succeed. Congratulations Sir.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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