Ankpa II Constituency Outreach, Sieving Objects From Objection by Comrade Nasir

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Like the saying goes, “criticism is as inevitable as death”, hence; man must learn to bear it. On this note, it is imminent for all those within the stricture of public service to not only entertain it but learn to live by it as it forms the hallmark of tolerance, accountability and mass inclusiveness in governance.

However, when criticism is taken too far, it becomes pertinent not to only make responses but educate the misinformed public and set records straight. This I shall be doing in this piece without ambiguity if thought nor recourse to aggression.

Unarguably, the holy month of Ramadan is a period God did not only command for fasting but enjoyed charity, compassion and love. Hence, any right thinking fellow and observer of the muslim faithfuls will not only attest to the level of serenity that comes with this month but also acknowledge the fact that muslims exchange goodies without recourse during this period.

Then, as much as Kogi state house of assembly remained one of the least paid in the country, it is not deniable that Kogi constituents are not only the most accountability demanding people but also the most affected by recession as the ongoing screening exercise has through its lasting process afflicted many homes with hard times. With blind observation to the fact that lawmakers are majorly to make and repeal laws, tired as when we find ourselves demand constituency outreach in the form of cash, food stuff and utility materials from any sensitive and right thinking representative of the people.

So, for some chronic syncs to hide under the guise of demanding good governance and take advantage from any of the aforementioned ills and spread falsehood, hate tendencies, vein talks and envious terms is not only belittling of such individual or groups but exposes the length of their covet at the blessing of others and by no means will/shall God raise the status of such people. Moreover, those who cast stones are not just always behind but unconditionally submerged and I want to admonish that such ill standards be abolished.

For record purposes, the achievements of the man in the center of the storm is not in doubt as he has not only been vibrant on the floor of the house but also on ground in his constituency via physical developments evenly spread across eight wards of Ojoku and Enjema districts. While the resolve is working out modalities that will add value to the life of the represented at all time. In addition to not giving any attention to naysayers and detractors, we call for more deepened and issue based criticisms as this is the only guidance to salient but ignored responsibilities.

Finally, history is not made in a day but by the day to day chronicles of our existence and in the end, our records is what shall speak for us. Whether or not anyone is in public office(s), it bounds on us to make the world better than we met it by way of impacts and contribution rather than disordered existence.

Written by Comrade A. M. Nasir

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