Ankpa 2019: Prince Yakub Yakub Is The Best Aspirant So Far

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As we earnestly battle against bad leadership in our dear Ankpa 1 constituency and our state in general, the thought of getting the best man to represent the people still linger in our heart.

The best way you can make a good leader is to choose a leader from among yourself, chose a leader who stays close to the people, choose one of your own and you will forever never regret the deed.

Prince Yakub Yakub as we all know is a Man worthy to be entrusted onto the journey of representing the good people of Ankpa1 constituency at the state house of assembly. He is a humble man despite coming from a first class Royal Family and his home is always open to all. He is always ready to receive the call of his people as at when needed.

We all know the big role is he playing as the Galadima 1 of Ankpa Kingdom and be rest assured he will probably do more if elected into office come 2019.

As he stands out tall among his contemporaries; he is the most credible candidate to trust for a better representation. He is worthy of delivering the best leadership we can ever think of.

Yakub Yakub is very ready to take us along and walk us all out of the bad leadership we have been facing. He is most suitable and fit for the seat and Above all he is endowed with the charisma to deliver the good people of Ankpa1 constituency from the hitherto of bad representation.

– Comrade Gabriel Adaji

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