Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman: A Rising Political Star

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Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman is a rising political star and an exceptionally talented and widely known politician in kogi central politics in particular and Kogi State in general.

He is a former Auditor General of the Local Government and the winner of the just concluded APC gubernatorial Primary election for the number one seat of the confluence state.

Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman is a delightful humanist, pragmatic realist, intelligent and a leader with integrity which he has displayed in the course of his work as the Auditor General, also whose entire life is propelled by the existential zest to celebrate and propagate the advancement of humanity.

He has insatiable zeal for grooming young minds while simultaneously through his office influence and empowered buy young and old within his reach.

Ododo  is brave at heart and large in vision.he has fortitude to stand when time get tough and when doubt becomes as thick as fog.

This rare Auditor of high capacity and integrity choose to take risk and stake everything he has for a just cause.  He stands alone  when he makes the tough and necessary decision not minding how it will be perceived. He stands alone when he refuse to join doubters and hold on to the belief that it is POSSIBLE.

For our party Gubernatorial flag bearer and incoming Governor come November 2023, it is not only about boldness and intellectual capacity without vision, he combines a bold heart with a sound mind, as he is blessed with an unusually sharp and uncanny mind.

Alh. Usman Ahmed Ododo’s impeccable pedigree and unblemished records remains unquestionable till date since the beginning of Gov Yahaya Bello administration, a man of integrity. By all standard  he is a man of God and his godliness is by marked by servant lifestyles, goodwill, transparency, commitment, faithfulness, patriotism and humanity. His agenda is unpretentious and his background speaks volumes.

After a thorough research was conducted  by Better Kogi Initiative( A Group of highly intellectual individual) about him, his personality, his antecedents, and his achievements in areas of human capital development, youth engagement, community service development, and women’s empowerment using in-depth interviews and content analysis, it’s obvious and clear  that  Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman is the best man for the job this time around based on his exposure, education, and experience in the past in areas of student unionism, youth advocacy, and political activism. 

I hereby present to u Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU) as our preferred candidate come November 2023 and also solicit the support of kogites all over the twenty one Local Government of the state and, as well, recommend him for the number one office in the State for the growth, progress, development, betterment and a better Kogi that we all dream of

– Tosin Tafu, Coordinator, Better Kogi Initiative, writes from Lokoja

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