Ajaokuta 2019: Kadiri Tijani Shehu, The Only Viable Alternative

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Ajaokuta federal constituency have tested  the PDP and the APC Government; from experience, the average Ajaokuta person believes none of this party candidate is a better option. Kadri have opted to go with the majority,”

It is not in dispute that Ajaokuta federal constituency and the peoples need a new intriguing force in Ajaokuta politics as experience has shown that the former dominant political  representation that have each had a shot at the centre have not only failed Ajaokuta woefully but marvelously considering the myriad of problems plaguing the constituency.

Hon. Shehu will parade a broad spectrum of firebrand revolutionaries highly determined to abolish corruption, violence, insecurity, hunger, unemployment and ethnic agitations threatening Ajaokuta corporate existence.

We must accept responsibility for whatever  we are going through under the leadership of this current administration.

Our people  reasoning had been greatly influenced and that they were fixated on big political names and party such as the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Many people had hoped for rapid transformation but every one has seen that things have really been slow. After many years, one is not expecting that we would still be hearing promises and all these ‘we will do this and that’. What we want to see are some tangible things that have been done.

I’m saying now that let our people be wise. Let not constrain ourselves and keep saying ‘oh it’s either the current representative or the popular name who has failed us. No! This thinking must stop. We have other options,And the options is nobody but Hon. Shehu Kadri.

Even the media are biased, there focused on big names and political parties as if that is only choices in the whole of the of our land. The media are not helping the people to properly know other candidates and make an informed decision. What we had was almost a total blackout of others.

We believe now that we are all witnesses to what’s going on, I am urging the people to think twice and embrace Hon. Shehu Kadri ambition during the next House of representatives election.

I’m not an economist but as a concerned Ajaokuta son who is also feeling the pain, the fact is that things are slow.

Our people need some completely different thinking and action. Some say think out of the box, I say break the box! Things must not go on like this.

Furthermore, there is no denying fact that we are in the middle of an epic struggle, a very challenging phase in the history of our constituency. The on-going struggle to regenerate Ajaokuta is, of course, between genuine game changers, that is to say, those who want to embrace a more progressive agenda and those who are driven by a dispiriting spectacle of threadbare ideas.

Shehu Kadri Tijani thus became a child of necessity to rescue Ajaokuta from the death throes of misrule foisted on us by a cast of neophyte actors. I believe in a free, democratic society where the rule of law shall be vigorously pursued and upheld with a view to advancing the cause of social justice in a stable constitutional Government.

Ajaokuta people today suffer from the debilitating effects of hunger and this has triggered many other social vices and crimes of varying degrees. Hon. Shehu kadri as a man that cares about the social welfare of people has in its possession a well thought out and packaged agricultural programme for a holistic solution.

It is his interest and desire to pursue social justice for all, fashion out policies to cater for the unemployed have-nots, the underprivileged, the unemployed, socially displaced and the handicapped to ensure a healthy lifestyle that is totally free from abuse.

In view of this, I am  urging the the electorate to support Hon. Kadri shehu who will pilot the affairs of the people in order for them to avoid the past mistakes of electing none performance representative. We as youth, are ready to support Hon. Shehu kadri ,we will mobilized our friends, family members and well-wishers to support him come 2019.

– Comrade John U.

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