Adoji Victor Alewo, The Senator Kogi East Cannot Afford To Miss

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As a business person, an economist and trained customer relationship manager, experience has exposed me to the fact that best brains with adequate exposure to business terrain and requisite knowledge of the deal guarantees profitability. No one prepares a development plan of what he lacks knowledge on.

I have taken my time to study carefully the person of Adoji Victor and one thing that has attracted me to him is his high-tension intelligence and knowledge of the peculiar problems of the eastern flank. This handsome gentleman is intellectually wired for greatness. He practically knowledgeable about the peculiar problems of the eastern flank. I listened to him recently at a function in Anyigba and I can’t stop but wonder how wonderful God has made this man. He identified an economic issue and as an economist, I thought I already got the possible answers figured.

Shockingly, when he got to proffer solutions to the identified problems, he suggested a digitalised, economically sound but not untraditional economic methods of getting things done.

Kogi East is looking for a leader with the desire, will, passion and charisma to mount this coveted seat. Adoji Victor is fit for this position. His sense of humor is legendary. His humility is unrivaled. His love for Igala land gas no comparison.

Adoji Victor is a civilian general who has conquered many lands. He conquered poverty through resilience, hard work and dedication to duty. His oratory prowess has no rival. A man though from an average background worked tirelessly to get to a managerial level in one of the leading banks in Africa. His intelligence and dedication took him to that level. He defied all odds to achieve greatness.

A senator in Adoji for Kogi East will be the best that has happened to us in recent times. He has a development template for the district.

As we prepare to choose our senator in February 2019, we must choose the best if we must progress,we must choose the best if we want to leave a better Igala land for the next generation. To get it right, we must choose Victor Alewo Adoji.

– Igomu Ojogbami

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