A Society Where Accidental Honourables Are Placed Higher Than True Ones Cannot Make Progress

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Not every honorable are truly honorable. We have two types of Honorables and the society must be careful on who they call honorable or you loose your true honor to the beast.

1. True Honorable (TH): Those whose assignment is to serve God through the service of humanity, doing everything possible to ensure a working and free environment where peace and unity of the people are priority. They are people or society ambition comrade, full of ideas and wisdom to make society great not break, they run with the vision of their master in their forehead – making friends, uniting the people, truth, justice and fairness are their watch word. We need more of this kind of Honorables for a better society and good governance.

2. Accidental Honorable (AH): These are the common one in the society especially ours. The are self conscious than the people conscious, their ambition is to use the people get to power and enrich themselves.They have  little ideas of what it take to make society great.

They are full of arrogant and nepotism, they murder truth like Boko haram murder life(s) in the northern east, they can do everything within their reach to get to power without minding the cost,  they take advantage of little power given to them to oppress, humiliate and break the sacred peace and unity of the society as if all power is given to them.

The vision of their master is not priority but how they can milk him and live larger than the society. Their wickedness have no measure, they are pretenders, they praise their master in public but stab him in the secret. These men are here my friend. Instead of building the society they build empire for themselves within few month in power and it does not matter your position in the society they will threaten you or place you under house arrest.

This number two is dangerous, even their boss is afraid of them because they are Desperate Honorables (DH).

Good governance is not a joke. It is not all about surrounding yourself with brothers and friends who cannot really defend your vision in truth and indeed.

We need leaders who does not choose his team with emotions, sentiment and ignorantly. Until we have such leader in the state, this young girl (Kogi) will never be free from the hands of political rapists whose manhood are artificial (human made).

November is another opportunity given to us (The People). We shall see how the people will take advantage of it for a better leadership.

Kogi will be great in my life time. What about you?

– Ogo’Ogu M. D.

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