A Letter to My Father on His 2nd Year Death Anniversary

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Dear father,

I have no idea what you are doing or where you are reborn Two long years have passed by since you left this world but I still often find myself missing you badly here on Earth. February 14th which many people see as happiest day, turned to the saddest day of my life since your exit. I had never thought that you would leave me so soon. You know we had a lot of dreams at hand yet to be materialized. The kind of world we had imagined to live in after I get a job was not too far from us, but what an untimely tragedy befell us. After having gone through several hardships together in life, it’s very sad that I had to let you go even before you could “reap what sow” for everything you did for me as a father, protector and teacher.

I woke up at 5 o’clock this morning to join you in spirit on this auspicious day of your 2nd year’s anniversary. I took leave from office to dedicate this day fully to you and be with you. I went to your cemetery to offer butter lamps and prayers for your eternal peace. I am sure you might have heard my prayers and wishes. I am sorry that’s the only thing your daughter can do now.

Today, I feel lonely and sad without you in my family. I wish if you were still alive to play with your grandchildren, tell them bed-time stories as you used to tell me when we were children, and teach them good values as you did to us before. But it’s sad that none of them could ever get a chance to hold your hands, sit on your lap and listen to your stories or play with you like their other friends who still have their grandfather.

Dad, I know that you waited patiently for years for me to get a decent job so that we could live together, but why God was so unfair to call you away just when our dream was just at our doorstep. If you could have waited for just one more year, our life-long dream would have been accomplished. Despite all the difficult times we passed through, you had been my great teacher, protector and a loving father. I have learned a great deal from you and I am always grateful for your sacrifices and compromises for me. You helped me shape my world and gave me strengths to stand on my own feet. You guided me whenever I tumbled upon some problems and you showed me the right path of life. You had been my main source of inspiration, courage and social security. You taught me how to compete with others and you taught me why and how to excel in studies. I kept your words and I did fairly well. You also taught me why not to easily trust people, and how to value friendships. You have also taught me how to interpret dreams and many other things which I might have not been able to explore myself.

So although you are dead and gone, father, the values and knowledge you have given me still flow in my blood and I will try to pass them on to your grandchildren too. We, as a family, are doing everything that could make you proud. Your rich legacies shall never die. I miss you so much, Dad, and I love you. May God reunite us once again someday on a new journey!

– Mrs. Aliyu Habibat

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