7 Month Unpaid Salaries: Activist Serves Okehi LG Chairman Letter, Demand Accountability

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A rights activist, Comrade Shaibu Stephen Ojate today served letter to Okehi Local Government Chairman, Hon. Hassan Yusuf demanding reasons why the council owed workers 7month unpaid salaries

Mr Shaibu Stephen Ojate addressing press in Abuja today said time has come for the Youths of the nation to demand accountability from their leaders. He said, at a time when the Youths of the Nation are looking further to get jobs, Okehi Local government Chairman took joy in dismissing 400 staff of the council without any tenable reasons.

Narrating further, he said Hon. Hassan Yusuf has not done anything to justify for the allocation to the local government so he need to be questioned as the society cannot be kept in darkness.

‘With due reference to, and authorities of section 1(1)(2)(3) of the Freedom of Information ACT, and section 39 of the 1999 Constitution of FRN(As Amended),of which the sections of FOIA referred to above, unequivocally and specifically confer the right on every Nigerian to apply for access to public information and record, and also the right to institute proceeding in the court to compel any public institution to comply with the provision of the ACT,i hereby apply for access to the following public information and records in custody and possession of Okehi local govt area:

1. Comprehensive budget of Okehi local govt area in 2012, 2013,2014 fiscal year respectively.
2. A sequential analysis of projects executed by Okehi local Gov Area since your reign of Hon. Hassan Yusuf, as Laison Officer 1 and Chairman of the council respectively.
3. The location, sum amount expended on each projects executed in the entire Okehi local government since your reign as Laison Officer 1 and Chairman of the council respectively should be stated.
4. Detail analysis of projects executed under SURE-P and the budget by Okehi Local government during your reign as Laison officer 1 and elected Chairman respectively.
5. Names and addresses of the contractors for each projects executed by the local government and the one on the ongoing.
6. A comprehensive detail on the staff strength of Okehi local government area as at the time of you (Hon. Hassan Yusuf) of being an appointed liason officer 1 and subsequently chairman of Okehi Local Govt council.
7. The comprehensive list(number and names) of dismissed staffs as at when you(Hon. Hassan Yusuf) took over Okehi local government as chairman of the council. Also, the reason(s) for the dismissal should be stated.
8. Detail analysis on what the local government normally used as salaries before the dismissed staff in the local government and what is currently expended now.
9. Finally, briefing on the federal allocation received by Okehi local government area as from 2007 till date with photocopies of the federal allocation figure and SURE-P attached.
10. Photos of the various projects executed in various wards in Okehi local government area should be attached.
11. Any other problems confronting the council leading to none salary payment should be stated’.

‘It is pertinent to note at this juncture that SECTION 4 of Freedom of Information Act further provides that a public institution to which an application is made shall subject to sections 6, 7, and 8 of the Act within 7 days after the application is received make the information available to the applicant.’

Mr Stephen said the reasons for the letter was are not borne out of the hatred for the Chairman rather for the progress of the society. He said leaders need to be checked as they are not bigger than the society they are supposed to serve.

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