40 Days Prayer for Late Muhammed Suleiman Holds Tomorrow at Ajaka

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By Hon Alfa Tijani.
The forty days prayer for Mallam Muhammed Suleiman James comes up tomorrow, December 8, 2016 at his compound behind Igalamela Education Board Office, Ugbatugba, Ajaka.
Mallam Muhammed died on 29th October and was buried on 30th October, 2016.
Hon. Ademu James announced the date for the 40 days prayers on behalf of the family.
He described the deceased Muhammed Suleman James as a courageous, dedicated, loyal, vocal and patriotic Nigerian who love his people back home.
“Mallam Muhammed inspired the youths with his noble words and helped to bring about the reduction of thuggery in the area. He awakened the conscience of his fellow elders and helped to make thuggery appear unacceptable.
“The deceased is loved in every part of Kogi State and played a very active role in Kogi’s fight for quality governance. He is seen by other statesmen as the voice and conscience of the Kogites. He was one of the leading voices in the call for true leadership. He has also been the political father of many young and upcoming politicians in the state, giving them advice and whipping them into line when they go astray.
He stated that the sudden death was both a huge shock and a big loss to the state and urge the entire family to take solace in the exemplary character of the deceased while he was alive.
He prayed for God to grant the soul of the deceased eternal rest and the bereaved family the grace to bear the irreparable loss.

Hon Ademu James is the eldest son of the family.


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