3rd Anniversary: Professor Oguche Hannah, An Igala Amazon Whose Indelible Impact Speaks On

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Barely three years after the passage to the great beyond of Professor Oguche Hannah Alolo, an Academic Icon, a female Igala Professor with towering heights in scientific researches and sound pedagogical prowess, her Indelible Impact have refused to dissipate.

Late Mrs Oguche, a Professor of Agriculture and Nutrition, was at the peak of her lecturing career when her existence was caught up with the web of death barely three years ago.

Like a golden fish with no hiding place, Prof (Mrs) Oguche was the pioneer Dean faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Prince Abubakar Audu University (The then Kogi State University) and also the pioneer SIWES coordinator of the school.

Professor (Mrs) Oguche, Being amongst a few Igala female professors with a professor husband, posthumous eulogies and heart touching tributes in honour of her scintillating service to humanity have not ceased flowing , three years after her death.

Her son, Mr Timothy Harold Oguche who paid a verbal tribute in honor of his mother on Wednesday said, though it was appointed unto every mortal to die but to him, the wounds arising from his mother’s death have refused to heal three years after her Demise.

Timothy, a Finance Expert said, being the last born of the family, he was his mother’s Jewel, he added that his mother was a mother to many people regardless of their background and places of origin.

” Today made it exactly three years that my mother died. We have not recovered from her absence. We lost a passionate gem and a sincere mother. She was a mother to most people around her not only her biological children. She was like mother Christmas due to her benevolence. She was a caring mother who could easily feel the pains of others. ” Timothy said.

Prof. Oguche Hannah Alolo was a lecturer at the Prince Abubakar Audu University until she asnwered the call of nature on 7th March, 2020.

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