2023: Respond to Plight of Your Constituency, State – Jiddah Challenges Sheik Ibrahim Jibril

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The conscience of every society rely heavily of the leadership that it has. When experience and vision merge to good character in a man, then he/she deserves the leadership stool in his society. I therefore call on Sheik Ibrahim Jibril (SIJ) to redirect the conscience of his constituency, his state and nation by representing his people at the National Assembly. This will allow him to contribute his huge experience in estate development to the challenges of housing in Nigeria.

I have known SIJ for years, I love his resilience and vision. A man who has built an empire from nothing and has written his name in gold buy building robust relationship with thousands of clients.

SIJ has directly helped so many kogites who are battling with accommodation to own their houses in Abuja and other places, he is a youth who loves the growth of all. That is why it’s important to pull out such men of good character to join the ladder of leadership and help their society.

Recently in a report published by Vanguard, a Real Estate Developer, called on governments at all levels to partner with private real estate developers and financial institutions, to provide good and affordable housing for Nigerians. Noting that govt alone can not resolve the problem of housing in Nigeria

Recall that United Nation’s statistics 2021 indicated that the housing deficits in Nigeria is estimated at 22 million homes and could grow towards 2030. This is terrifying; considering the population explosion that the country continue to face monumentally.

The issues discussed above have made SIJ very relevant at the national level especially the National Assembly where good laws on this issues are made.

In the last election, Sheik Ibrahim Jibril ran for the office of Governor of Kogi State and had a good outing. So I am not by anyway calling a novice to the ring neither am I in anyway downplaying his capacity to seek the same seat in the near future. I believe that his experience and knowledge in the estate business for years have made him very qualify to represent his constituency either at the upper or lower chamber in the National Assembly.

Recently I had a telephone conversation with a group who are clamoring for him to represent them. By this, I am joining such voices to call on SIJ to stand up for his people.

Personally I consider Sheik Ibrahim Jibril as an asset to our generation because of his humility, vigor, experience, candor, his lifestyle and many other qaulities he posses.

– Salihu Adam Jiddah
Founder, Kogi Liberation Movement (KLM)

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