2023 Presidency: Gov. Bello is a Younger Version of President Buhari – Fanwo

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Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Hon Kingsley Fanwo has described his boss, Governor Yahaya Bello as the “younger version of President Muhammadu Buhari” who works to improve the living condition of the poor.

In an interview with Temidayo Akinsuyi of Daily Independent Newspaper, Fanwo said Governor Bello is a firm and focused leader who has demonstrated proven ability to lead the nation if given the opportunity.

Speaking on 2023 presidential election, Fanwo confirmed that Nigerians from far and near have been calling on Governor Bello to give the exalted office a shot.

He, however, clarified that the Governor has not taken any decision on the clarion call, to accept or reject.

“Governor Yahaya Bello’s political journey has always being a dictate of God. He doesn’t make decisions without God’s direction. Secondly, he was elected massively for a second term to continue his good job in Kogi State. He is completely given to that assignment. His complete focus is on how to make life better for Kogites and people living in the State.

“He is economically engineering the state to deal with the recession foisted on us by the promoters and marketers of COVID-19. So, he has his hands full at the moment. God will take care of 2023 while GYB will not be distracted from his task in Kogi state. 

“GYB has shown with his management of Kogi State that he can solve the problems of Nigeria. He has united a once divided Kogi State. He confronted insecurity in the State. And he has diversified the economy of the State with his excellent policies in the areas of agriculture, tourism, solid minerals and many others. Nigerians are keenly following the trend of happenings in Kogi State. What I know is that whether he accepts to run for President or not, he will continue to work for this country. He loves Nigeria passionately,” he said. 

On the issue of zoning the president’s seat, Fanwo said no Nigerian should have a disadvantage of contesting based on his or her place of birth.

“If you look at the Presidents we have had since 1999, you will understand why the North Central and South East should make the loudest noise ahead of 2023. However, no one Nigerian should have a disadvantage of contesting based on his place of birth. I am very sure that PMB’s successor will be someone who is prepared to build on his noble legacies. 

“Let us wait and see what will happen. 2023 is in the hand of God Almighty.”

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