2023 Kogi’ship: Compassion as Antidote for Achieving the Mandate for Kogi West – Prof Alemika

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This is to remind us that the primaries of the various parties have come and gone. Although the result may not be generally pleasant; but thank God, there was no any record to suggest there was loss of life or property in the whole exercises. This means Kogi is growing better and wiser by the day. Not even the least of the sons and daughters of Kogi indigenes whose blood is not much more precious to be sacrificed on the altar of political acrimonies in the State.

I personally wish to acknowledge and to appreciate our brothers from both kogi East and Central. Especially, those from the central and others who had been vocal in this platform led by Dr. Tom Ohikere; (I call him the wise man from Kogi Central) who had agreed from the inception to be the driving force behind the Coalition of Kogi State Patriots – holding forth Kogi West.

His selfless contributions and supports noticeable widely among the people of kogi west; would not go in vain by the special grace and power of God almighty.

Please and please we urge and plead with you not to relent efforts in pleading with your people at home, not to give up on us the kogi west especially, our few political big wigs that are presently under acid tests and attacks from home within and outside; based on their past deeds and utterances that are being capitalised on to witch-hunt them.

To my kinsmen in Kogi West, on the Okun Parapo platform my knees are on ground thanking God for our frank talk about our politicians for their awful actions and utterances that those we as a group of people are not proud to associate with. While no one including myself would canvas for a blush over or trivialised or condone; we must not dwell much on the past else the past becomes the stumbling block to move forward.

In a lighter mood, For we of christian faith on this platform if any one can come up with sins of these our past and present politicians that amount to 70×7 after which the Holy Bible says we can withhold forgiveness for our fellow human beings i will quit canvassing for our ways forward for Kogi West to achieve our mandate for governorship.

Let me quickly remind us that the GYB believing so much that kogi west is soft and good to manipulate for the use of any one, he also feels we are not both of one mind, and our younger ones in quest for powers fame and little coins in pockets; can easily be used by him to divide and rule us.

That’s probably the reason that he had the effontry to single handedly annoint his cousin Ododo, among others of his sponsors, to continue his political power in the Central even when he knew that his road to power, it would be unjust and morally unjust to do such unspeakable act.

Even when he was fully aware only very few of members of people Central are in support.

It is our responsibility now to prove GYB that kogi west are not so gullible as he thought.

To prove this beyond the reason of doubt we have to let go of the pains our kogi west boys have caused, team together and produce a candidate from among the kogi west that is most presentable, capable and acceptable to us and our kogite kinsmen from both East and central. And we have to do this fast since the screening is all over so that we can start working.

Secondly, our politicians especially, the old ones like Dino and especially, Smart stood alone, who had done us the pride by not bowing out at the crucial point of annointing Ododo by GYB, while they still merit our support, they should not rely on their strength this time, since their one man show had not given Kogi West the Desired result, but humiliation and threat to our socio- political existence; they should give us free hands of choice and be willing to abide by our stands at this crucial time.

Finally, My attitude to the whole schemes of issues is that, there is no deed or action or saying that is not common unto man everywhere. The only thing in a time like this is to treat the returned prodigal sons with love, compassion caped with forgiveness so as to forge ahead.

You will quite agree with me that to let kogi central go ahead with Ododo anointment, to continue for another 4 or 8yrs will be the highest order of injustice done kogi west; for the obvious reasons.
First, the coming of the Kogi central into power in 2015 would probably had been impossible without the great input from kogi west; the second coming, it was also with the positive support of kogi West, especially, from the Kogi West Elders Forum led by Pa David Jembewon Rtd.
These are on records for us all to behold.
Therefore, while pleading with our brothers from Kogi East & Central that we cannot do all by ourselves if they do not join hands with us; we wish to thank all members of Kogi central and East that are solidly behind kogi west struggles at this crucial moment. God of prosperity will reward all of us bounteously. Amen.

The best of friends are the ones that stand their grounds for their friends in time of needs. Kogi west is presently susceptible to all manners of attacks and are vulnerable at this point. That is why we are still relying on you to work hard and come up with an acceptable candidate that will be of benefits to kogi across board, and by the divine grace of God we shall be there sooner than later.

Just be patient with us.


– Mrs. Emily Alemika, a Professor of Law, wrotes from Jos.

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