2023 Kogi Gov’ship: Leke Abejide, Beyond Ethnicity and Religion

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Joseph Leke Abejide, the candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the 2023 Kogi State Governorship, is a reflection of the real Kogi Agenda.

Despite the reign of the Ebiras (Kogi Central) as Governor will be 8 years by the end of Governor Yahaya Bello’s tenure, and the reign of the Igalas (Kogi East) is 16 years so far. None of the individuals from these ethnicities/regions became Governor without the support of other regions and/or ethnicities.

Even though the Okuns (Kogi West) are yet to have their fair share of occupying the number one seat in the State, Abejide who is of Okun extraction is coming as Governor beyond the quest for ethnicity and religion. Abejide’s interest in contesting is to come and solve Kogi’s problem.

He represents humanity beyond tribe and religion. His long years experiences and antecedents in the national and international corporate business environment has proven how he is accommodating, working with people from different parts of Nigeria and the world.

He understands that Kogi State is one of the few States in Nigeria that is multi-lingual and heterogeneous like Nigeria herself. In fact, Kogi State shares a major identity with Nigeria. Whilst Nigeria has 3 major tribes, over 250 ethnicities and 500 tongues; Kogi State has 3 major ethnic groups and several others scattered across the 3 Senatorial Districts.

Abejide as a House Of Representatives member, relating good governance and leadership with 259 others from the nooks and crannies of Nigeria has the requisite knowledge to govern a State like Kogi on to success.

Abejide, a nationalist, extends hands of democratic and philanthropic gestures beyond Yagba Federal Constituency. This is a sign that he indeed represents the human face.

– J.O. Abel-Ontop writes from Lokoja.

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