2023 Kogi Gov’ship: Advocacy for Critical Political Unity in Western Senatorial District

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The western senatorial district of Kogi state has found ourselves in political jeopardy and dilemma with Governor Yahaya Bello and All Progressives Congress (APC) undoubtedly.

It is regrettably sad that Alhaji Yayaha Bello has fooled a lot of our political appointees and played on their intelligence for financial crumbs because of poverty.

Let us recall the demise of Alhaji Abubakar Audu, and the vacuum that ushered in constitutional tussle up to the Supreme Court in 2015.

This resulted in the refusal of APC to accept Hon Faleke as the Governor of Kogi State, despite the fact that he was the Deputy Governorship candidate of late Abubakar Audu on the day of voting.

Where is Buhari and Tinubu in 2023? Why are they refusing to call Yayaha Bello and convince him to compensate Faleke for the injustice meted to him and the western senatorial district in 2015? It is pertinent to mention that emissaries were sent to Gov Yayaha Bello to request for the governorship ticket to rotate to western senatorial district for equitable balancing.

Despite all the pleas, the APC primary allotted result in deviance of our plea. This is an eye opener to us. Gov Yayaha Bello has no respect for western Senatorial District. The APC made two of our candidates to withdraw and gave the only contestant left the last allotment as compensation for Hon Faleke’s /western senatorial loss in 2015.

Hon Faleke should have been a very major instrument for governorship rotation in 2023, instead he was threatened with humiliation if he dared to contest while the whole of western senatorial district was accorded the worst score in the allotted figures. Up till now, Buhari and Tinubu did not convince Yayaha Bello to rotate governorship ticket to Faleke or western senatorial district.

God of Justice arose at judgement in PDP primary and gave our representative a golden mandate to prevent another tragedy.

As a group of highly educated people, a word is enough for the wise. Our women, elders and youth should embark on sound political strategy and mobilisation to rescue ourselves from another Yayaha Bello political agenda of slavery. The Ebiras will give all their votes to their son.

We should give 100% of our votes to our own son who have put their money on the line in this struggle for economic and social emancipation of our geographical entity. Let us forgive their past mistakes
and send them to rule from Lugard House Lokoja.

We should work tirelessly, fearlessly because God will certainly win the battle for us. We stand to gain more if our son is the Governor of Kogi state. We should accept the final judgement of our elders who are brain storming on the way forward.

– Barrister Justina Abanida is a former Secretary to Government of Kogi State.

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