2023 Kogi Governorship: Political Stability Through Power Rotation (2)

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For democracy to thrive anywhere, it must make efforts to suit the political reality of its environment. Considering the tragetory of Kogi State, one of the ways to achieve equity, equality and cohesion as a people is rotation of power.

Togetherness offers us a sense of comfort, belonging and support. It is a pure source of courage in the face of adversity and symbiotic relationship or mutual benefits in view of sustainable development.

Therefore, this is a time for the three Senatorial Districts in Kogi State to embrace the idea of power rotation. Perhaps, no one should lose his/her humanness in the process of leading humans.

Ubuntu philosophy, which is one of the greatest African philosophy emphasizes collectivism, justice, reciprocity, sharing trust, integrity, unselfishness and social change. This principle in leadership will help each Senatorial District in Kogi State to develop to its full potential, while adding up to our collective peace and progress. All over the world, especially in Post-Covid Era, ideas being clamored for ranges from collaboration, inclusiveness, adaptability, tolerance, empathy among others. In the same vein, the likes of UN, Davos Agenda and other countries or organizations across the globe are working hard to experience people-centric ideas.

Therefore, our great leaders and other stakeholders of modern democracy in Kogi State should sincerely and promptly recognize our interconnectedness and how our humanity is inextricably bound together.

It is very sensitive to allow this idea of power rotation to Kogi West Senatorial District to stay because the fullness of the idea has come. It is expected that as we grow, socio-political tensions and emotive violence or suppression ought to give way.

It is time for all the Senatorial Districts or tribes to work together in creating a working and vibrant Kogi State where collaborative efforts and mutual needs and respect is being experienced. At the realization of this fact, majority of stakeholders at the Federal level have to endorse power rotation at the last 2023 Presidential Election.

Obviously, every objective and discerning mind will agree that giving room for Kogi West Senatorial District to produce the next Governor of Kogi State is very important to the political adventure and development of Kogi as a whole.

This is to appeal to the conscience of all Kogites, electorates; including all and sundry to preach, work towards and vote for power rotation to Kogi West, which have not occupied the Governorship position since the creation of Kogi State for Twenty-Four years.

One key issue the elders, youths, political class and elites should embrace and sensitize the grassroot is the relentless pursuit of fairness and equity above dominance of one or marginalization of another.

When power rotation is well embraced and exercised, it will be evident that power is transient and it is more of providence or privilege to serve which should be handled with high sense of responsibility than a claim of personal, sectional agenda or “flexing of muscles”.

Each Plpolitical party should engage a dispassionate assessment of history of Kogi State to our present day and factor in power rotation into its internal political calculations and strategy.

Moreso, delegates be enlightened and not manipulated but allowed to take informed-actions for their party to eventually vote in a Kogi West Candidate.

Embracing power rotation as a political reform in Kogi State could be a healthy way forward. And now, ensuring power rotation to Kogi West Senatorial District should be a social contract we all engage with open arms. If it has worked in many quotas across Nigeria, it can work practically and consistently in Kogi State.

This will systematically curtail underdevelopment, nepotism, prebendalism, tribalism, unfair/undue dominance of any Senatorial District, but enshrining love, trust, pursuit of excellence in leadership, building of a more equitable Kogi State through inclusive development.

God Bless Kogi State!

– IK Obajemu

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