2023 Kogi Governorship: A Passionate Appeal to Party Delegates

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What came to mind at the thought of Party Delegates is that; Delegates are like Midwives… Delegates are credible and respected individuals with a sense of responsibility beyond themselves. Many attimes, they tends to be unknown or uncelebrated enough, especially in the public, but that doesn’t undermine their roles in any system as they are relevant in determining the fate of any political party’s candidate.

Mores o, if any Political Party will win or the Electorates will enjoy dividends of democracy, the various Delegates need to play their roles well. Delegates are like Elders at the Gate (with wisdom), caring and careful midwife Nurses in the labour room at the delivery of a wonderful and promising baby, or like a Pro-Chef that won’t just heat up the kitchen without giving something so delicious to quench the salivation of so famished mass of people. None of the above is being handled by archaic, obscured, half-baked or insane minds, but such demands sound mind and taking of informed actions.

As the 2023 Kogi Gubernatorial Election draws nearer, the various Party Delegates should appreciate the privilege and call to duty to vote for a suitable candidate to be the flagbearer of their Party, which speaks volume of consecutive win or loss.

Asides, this singular act could affect directly or indirectly the direction of growth of democracy or the development of Kogi State in general for the next four years.

Delegates might not be sued to any Law Court for breaking ranks, anti-party or anti-people decisions, but history and conscience will recall that those who had the opportunity to decide a new trajectory of Kogi State did not make the right choice.

This piece is appealing to the conscience of all the delegates and stakeholders in one way or the other, to on behalf of the masses, electorates and for the sake of posterity, do the needful. Do not be carried away by self aggrandizement, vote buying, policing, insane pressure, or threat to life. May it not be heard that you have all it takes to make a change but you refused to do so.

It is time to allow the New Order of Democracy take place in Kogi State and the Delegates are part of the “Midwives” that will ensure this. Before taking an unpleasant decision, kindly wait a moment and count the cost or consequences, and look at the beauty of sacrificially taking the right decision.

Within this period, a handful among the Political Parties will be having their Party Primaries, that’s to talk of the Ruling Party APC, long time rival or opposition Party PDP, Newbie like YPP and others. The fact is that things we took for granted many years ago should not be same now, especially within the concept of Power Rotation to Kogi West Senatorial District. To all the Delegates, do not relegate the interest of the masses no matter the opposition against your will-power.

You are a delegate because Kogi State exists, and Kogi State will improve in the path of unity and progress, if you act right now. We can not continue to follow the wrong path and expect to see ourselves at the right destination. In conclusion, posterity will honour the Delegates’ heart of bravery, and pursuit to enshrine Fairness and Equity in the polity of Kogi State.

God bless Kogi State!

– IK Obajemu

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