2019 Elections: The Stand of Adavi Youths

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I will start by asking this question, What has been the stand of our youths in the past?, The youths constitute more than 70% of the local government population and they have either remain dormant or they are being used as political thugs.

The impression and believe that we are the leaders of tomorrow is wrong, we the youths are the leaders of today.

Youths as ambassadors of peace should shun all forms of political violence and get their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), participate actively in politics, criticize constructively when necessary and contest positions at their various wards and the local government.

Prior to this time in Nigeria, Kogi State and Adavi, ward councillors are elders and our politicians fails to transfer better orientation and education to us as they made us believe that it’s only an Elderly person in the ward will be sent to represent at the Local Government Council.

I therefore urges youths to stand for councilorship positions, Local government Chairman and that of the state house of assembly. I thank God most of aspirants are youths.

My dear youths, this is our stand, let reason together in order to change the old cargos(they need rest), let change the pattern of politics in Adavi local government.

There are also needs to acquire vocational skills as we find it difficult to get white collar jobs now, the youths should involve themselves in any skill acquisition program.

Lastly, we are youths and the Future is now.

– Muhammed Oziandu

For: Adavi Youth Progressives Vanguard

Temporary Secretariat, Enyidudu primary school inoziomi Adavi LG.

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