2019: Ebira-Koto Youths Urge Kogites Not to Re-elect Bello

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By Abdulrauf Opai.

The Ebira-Koto Youth Congress (EYC) has advised Kogi people not to make the mistake of re-electing Governor Yahaya Bello for a second tenure, stating that he has not done anything for the state to guarantee him a second term in office.
In a statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary of EYC, Musa Okata, the group stated that sorry state of Kogi state shows that the Governor is either insensitive to the plight of workers or lacks what it takes to govern the state.
“Rather than make concrete efforts towards the development of the state, paying salaries of workers and providing dividends of democracy to Kogites he claim to be governing, he has been busy aiding and abetting cattle colony agitators.
“Civil servants in Kogi State have never had it so bad since the return to democracy in 1999, and the man at the saddle at this point in history appears unready to bring to table any attempt to strategise and make their lives better.
“Apart from civil servants, pensioners are also groaning with several months of pension arrears. All these are happening despite the several bailout funds and Paris Club refund, as well as the monthly statutory allocation and internally generated revenue that comes into the state.
“It only shows that the Governor is either insensitive to the plight of workers or lacks the wherewithal to govern Kogi State.”
“May we also point out that the state of infrastructure in Kogi State has remained everything but pitiable. We get embarrassed each time picture of terrible state of roads in different parts of the state surface on the social media.
“Most of the Governor’s aides are even richer than the Governor and Kogi. His aides countermands his policies and procedures for governance, it appears Bello lacks the capacity to discipline his aides who are richer than him.
“We have observed the pains and sadness in the faces of Kogi people, we have asked what has the government done with the borrowed funds which the Kogi State House of Assembly approved for him which runs into billions of Naira? Ebira people are regretting having their son as Governor.
“This has continued because the current administration is not prepared for governance. As such, it will be a disservice to the people to think of re-electing the governor in 2019.
“We believe and indeed urge the people of Kogi State to begin the process of searching for a competent hand that would pull the state out of the doldrums of poverty and bad governance. Time has come for the good people of Kogi state to do away with inexperience. We have seen the adverse effects and cannot continue in such a manner.
“We hereby declare Kogi Government House vacant and warn APC to replace Bello or be ready to lose Kogi State governorship to PDP,” the statement read.
Musa said that Bello has done nothing to guarantee him a second term in office.

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