2019: Between Arch. Salman, Adeleye and The People of Ijumu Aarin

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Both Arch. Salman and S.O. Adeleye are noble son’s of Ijumu that I respect so much. I have never met Adeleye in person, but the much that I have known of his activities and philanthropic gesture, especially, the annual marathon contest will win him my respect for many years to come.
For Arch. Salman, I have known and worked closely with him on the track of our collective political struggle. He is an adorable personalty that I will continue to hold high.
Without pretence, in principle, because of my respect for the duo, I can put all my resources behind any of them in any political contest. I can even give up personal interest for any of them because of the level of trust I have for both Ijumu brothers.
Truly, both brothers parade some level of financial comfort which to me should be advanced to fostering a continued political cohesion within Ijumu than allowing themselves to be misled by political jobbers who are desirous of the content of their pockets. (The hunters of stomach infrastructure).
The truth remains that, from time immemorial, Ijumu kingdom, now Ijumu Local Government, has been known for a tripartite delineation along which both traditional and political offices have oscillated undisputedly.
It is on this internal political arrangement that the burden of our political serenity rests in Ijumu. This age-long procedure has to a great extent, freed Ijumu of political acrimony.
To the best of my reasoning, no true lover of Ijumu will be happy to sacrifice this great political model of our kingdom for anything personal. Such an individual will definitely come head-on-collision with, not only our political father’s, but also our traditional essence and by extension, the God of our peace.
No town or community within Ijumu has ever been in doubt as to which axis of Ijumu is to fill any vacant office. From the Olujumu stool to LG Chairmanship, to state Assembly to House of Representatives’ slots, the order of rotation had been strictly adhered to.
In line with the rotational principle, a committee of notable elders submitted it report last December, confirming that the seat of House of Representatives is zoned to Ijumu Aarin  since the last two occupants of the seat were Chief Abiodun Ojo and Senator Dino Melaye, from Ijumu Oke and Gbede respectively. It is therefore rather absurd that Arch. Salman from Gbede would contemplate eyeing the office, when the last occupant of the office in Ijumu, is from his district.
More unbelievable is Adeleye, to whose district, the committee has just zoned the LG Chairmanship and the State Assembly slot.
If these two gentle men have money to throw around, why not put the weight of their finance behind one of their party member in Ijumu Aarin, thereby, harrowing for their own future political cultivation rather than swim against the political tide of Ijumu Aarin, a people that they will always need in days to come.
Some of the people making case for the jettison of our zonal arrangement for money, forgot so quickly that they are in their present political office as party official, by same arrangement. Why must they now seek to burn down the bridge behind themselves, forgetting that they still have a return journey to make.
My word for Adeleye and Salman is to enlarge their interest to accommodate the urge to strengthen the cord of unity and brotherliness of Ijumu. So that in days to come, some of us will stand with them, to support them and to bear the lamp of their testimony high.
– Stanley Ajileye,
Chairman Ijumu Aarin PDP Leadership Forum

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