​The Illegality Cannot Stand, Kogi Lawmaker, Friday Sani Not on Suspension – Akwu

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The so call suspension of Kogi state house of assembly member, Hon Friday Sani aka Makama, representing the good people of Igalamela/Odolu constituency is a charade that will not stand the test of time

It’s laughable for a group of renegades to just woke up from their slumbered to make such an expensive pronouncement, that a duly elected representative of the people is suspended for exercising his own fundamental human rights, am sure their action must have been influenced by alcohol, I have no doubt about it, they acted under duress of alcoholic/money contents and its ridiculous

Imagine the tongue-tie members, suspending their fellow colleague for been vocal and brave to fight for the down trodden masses that he represents

Those of you who are mouth gagged like horses on the field should be ashamed of your decision to suspend the voice-full man, the Lone Ranger in the house, we are quiet aware that some many of you, the so called members cannot differentiate your left from your right, so how can you people offer representation, to construct common sentence, it’s a difficult task, so what else should the people expect from such calibre of people, Other than absurds, (masters biddens)

We all know that, you people were paid to suspend Friday Sani, for taken to litigation, which is a wise option, to check mate the executive rascality of Bello

The screening that commenced on 22nd of February 2016 is still on going in Kogi state, and it may interest you to note that, over 80% of civil servant are been owed salaries arrears as long as the verification started (16months now) and it was thus extended for another 3 weeks again now, for lack of capacity and technical know how to do the work, even when he, Bello, promised to Clare all debts by ending of March 2017, don’t forget that, the present panel is the 5th, in its series, and over #1,5 billion of tax payers money is been expended on these exercise in futility alone, and yet there is still no head way, the end is still not in sight

For your information, the only people constitutionally empowered to suspend a member of the house, are those from his/her constituency, those that voted for him/her to represent them on the floor of the house, and not those of you from another constituency

Please stop fooling your selves.

Hon Friday Sani is not on suspension but on a recess for research, we the civil society group under the auspices of ujache Igala association have fully briefed our team of plaintiff and very soon justice shall prevail.

– Goodman Akwu 

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