Opinion: Gov. Bello Unending Caretaker Regime in Kogi Local Councils

I have to state clearly that I cast my vote for APC during the 2015 general election because I totally believed in APC government to bring the needed change to Kogi State but because, just like other people, I didn’t want the previous administration to remain in power (the decision I don’t regret till this day) because the administration is believed to be non-performing.
Also, looking at Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State and APC being elected on the same party platform , I was hopeful you will borrow ideas from him on how he transformed Lagos State . Looking at the scenario then, as somebody who wants a change in Kogi State, I encouraged some people to also cast their votes for APC but I wish to say that I am disappointed by some of his administration’s policies so far.
Nigeria has a democratically elected President, members of the National Assembly (both Senates and Reps), the state governors and members of the states House of Assembly. However, it’s unfortunate that, only very few state governors have democratically elected Local Governments Chairmen and Councilors in their respective states.
In Kogi state, the governor has refused to organized Local Governments elections, given excuses that are direct insult to ordinary common sense. In the circumstance, the Local Governments are being administered through Care taker Committees selected by the state governor. It’s disheartening that, Nigeria at this stage of democratic government which has been on since May 1999, many state governors are undemocratic. If we continue like this unchecked, definitely, members of the public at the local levels would continue to be denied representation at the grassroots.
This is a governor who prides himself as democrat and believer in the rule of law, yet he has refused to conduct election into the 21 local government councils in the state, he has also made the third tier of government in Kogi State moribund, almost extinct and a ghost area, to say the least.
Opposition parties have frequently asked for the election, accusing the state government of deliberately postponing the election to give more time for members of the caretaker management committees to ‘enjoy themselves.
Finally, before I draw the curtain, I wish to seek clarification on some other related issues Your Excellency:
Why has your administration refused to conduct local government elections?
Where are the Lokoja Metro Marcopollo ? Why another Confluence Express buses? Your administration’s inability to ask questions about the Lokoja metro and taxis bought with the state’s money by the last administration gives us a clue that Confluence  Express buses may also disappear after your tenure in office .
Your Excellency sir, I wish to state clearly that this letter is not in support of any of your opposition but in sole support of what is good for this state. I don’t think APC,  deserve another term in office. On your part, we hoped for a better government under your administration, but it now clearly shows that we will get nothing more than empty promises and cheap propaganda.
In conclusion, some of the questions that will be going through Your Excellency’s minds are why did I write this? And what do I want? I personally believe we have to grow beyond sentiments about those that govern us if we really want to move in the right direction; I think your administration has performed below what is expected of you. Since your administration has refuse to conduct local governments’ elections, you have both the state and local government resources at your disposal, yet we didn’t experience massive development.
Your Excellency Sir, I will be expecting your open reply to my letter.
Yours in nation building,
– Alfa Tijani