Open Letter to Hon. Kabiru Idris, Administrator of Dekina LGA



It is with due respect and honour to your office, coupled with heart full of pains and grievance that I write to you today. I want to start by commending you for your effort so far towards rescuing Dekina, though your mission is yet to be accomplished. We pray for a positive change.

Also, I wish to commend the effort of the former local government chairman, Hon. Benjamin Ikani Okolo for his developmental strides when he was chairman of Dekina local government. He will be remembered for life.

Sir, without taking much of your time, I will like to go straight to the point which is the situation of Anyigba-Dekina
road that is in a dilapidated state.

With due respect sir, this road has become a nightmare to the entire Dekina and Anyigba people including strangers and commuters. It is no longer motorable and we are crying out loud.

The condition of this road has brought about many changes; though negative changes. Change in transportation cost from Anyigba to Dekina town which was #200 is now #300. Other negative changes experienced on the road are delay on the road due to potholes and swamps, constant accidents, fighting among road users due to lane etc.

It is saddening to see the roads that leads to the secretariat of the largest local government in West Africa in this deplorable situation.

The residents had on several occasions written to the state government over this road issue but no replies came and there was no proper action taken. Well, if you can not fix this road for us, then help us attract the attention of the state government to come and do it. That’s why we voted them into office.

I hope for quick actions on this Sir.

– Ugbedeojo Nelson Peter

One thought on “Open Letter to Hon. Kabiru Idris, Administrator of Dekina LGA

  1. Dr Hassan

    It’s appalling to behold the deplorable state of Anyigba Dekina road. A journey of ten minutes now takes up to forty -five minutes. Imagine the economic cost to the local and State governments. That nobody seems bothered about it is pretty amazing

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