Motion: Ahmed Ahmed Calls for Urgent Rehabilitation of Zone 8 Road, Lokoja

This Motion of urgent public importance calling on the state government to rehabilitate Zone 8 road, Lokoja.
I want to drag the attention of the Kogi State government to immediately begin rehabilitation of Zone 8 road which is in a very terrible state.
The deplorable state of this road has certainly become a shame and it’s unnecessary if we sit and pretend to say nothing about. It is embarrassing because we as honorable members ply this road to the office everyday. Also are other people who uses this road for economic activities experience breakdown of vehicles, heavy-duty trucks also get get stuck.
Most times we have to use the other lane which is also in a terrible condition.
That the state government to order with immediate effect, the relevant ministry and/or agency to rehabilitate Zone 8 road, Lokoja.
I so moved.
Hon. Ahmed Mohammed of Ankpa I Constituency.
Deputy Majority Leader.