Buhari Has Been Against Ajaokuta Iron and Steel Since Military Era – Emma Egwu


The member representing Idah/Ibaji/Igalamela/Odolu/Ofu federal constituency of Kogi State, Hon. Emmanuel Makoji Egwu (PDP) has described President Muhammadu Buhari as the greatest enemy of the Ajaokuta Iron and steel complex in Kogi State.

He said Buhari scuttled the almost completed steel complex when he overthrew former President Shehu Shagari in 1984.

In an interview in Abuja, Egwu said it would have served as Nigeria’s cradle of technological development, but was stopped by Buhari led military administration.

He explained that Buhari was against the steel complex because it was cited in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria.

“Buhari’s problems with Ajaokuta Iron and Steel was because it is situated in the North Central. If it was cited in Sokoto, Kano or Katsina he would have left it the way it is, but being in the middle belt, he was not ready to make the place see the light of the day”, he said.

He accused Buhari of marginalising the people of middle belt, noting that Mr President and other people like him in the core North had taken away identity of the people of middle belt

“I tell you, this same Buhari and far northern elements are‎ marginalising us because we are from the middle belt, they have taken away our identities as people of the middle belt”, he added.

Egwu urged Buhari to show commitment, especially with the opportunity he now had by redeeming his image in completing Ajaokuta Iron and Steel Company unconditionally, noting that such would create jobs for the teeming youths and empower the nation economically.

He further berated the present administration for not getting things right, by coordinating human and materials resources in order to move the nation forward.

According to him, the administration was only pursuing a corrective segment of the economy, thereby leaving other important aspects which had left Nigerians living in tension, fear and hunger.

“If you look at the present administration in the last one year, there was no wholistic approach to governance, they have been pursing a segment of the economy and Nigerians are living in tension and hunger”, he maintained.‎

19 thoughts on “Buhari Has Been Against Ajaokuta Iron and Steel Since Military Era – Emma Egwu

  1. Amana Edwin Edoeje

    Proudly Oma Ofu LGA, Hon. Egwu speech happened to be true. President Baba Buhari please help Kogi State to rebuild Ajaokuta Steel for the betterment of Nigerians and International body.

  2. Hussein

    Egwu, stop all this blame game, tell us your contributions at the floor of the house as it affect your constituency.
    We have not seeing your contribution in the lower chamber since the commencment of the 8th assembly. Pl wake up from your slumber.

  3. Aruwa Ajibili

    Your contribution will be needed to see Ajaokuta work.
    You are part of the government of the day, what has been your contribution to the development of your constituency in the last one year. stop the blame game and work.
    Proudly Ofu LGA!!!

  4. Onimisy

    Distinguish Hon. Egwu has a point, the Steal Company ran into this mess during Buhari`s military regime, and if he has no sentiment about the location of the company he should challenge us by reviving the Steal Company especially now that Nigeria need diversify her economy.

  5. Agada Abel

    Your comment…l am hearing Hon Egwu speaking. The problem we have is the issue of Margeligation. lf the Ajastel is functioning,not only the people from north central will work there, the managing Director will posted from far north.

  6. joseph thomas

    Your comment…bringing out an ideology considered developmental is quite a welcome development. but sir in ur little tour in the politics, how many lives have u blessed, how scholars have u raised and how many poor u helped? d game of deceit, dats politics. though u Ar right dat d presidency from inception is against d project but he can stop it

  7. Goodman

    Na wao Babagida from middle belt rule for eight years you no blame am , Obasanjo a yoruba rule for another eight years you no blame am , jonathan from s/s rule for six years you no blame am, you are blaming buhari who has not rule up to three years as both millitary and democratic head of state for ajokuta steel complex problem.why cant pdp do anything about ajokuta in their sixteen year of leadership of nigeria state. abeg gerout.

  8. Eloquency daddy

    Egwu,,,,u try but we need seriously prayer in kogi state especially IDAH AGIS, may God help us tru.

  9. Attach Moses ukele

    Some people talk as if they are not educated @Hussain. The job of the house of rep member is to speak unbehalf of his constituency a rule Hon. Egwu just displayed and instead of commending him u are blaming him asking him to carryout the function of the executive. There is a minister from the same constituency I think in the person of Audi Ogbe what did u tell him. Was he not there when tomato pests ravage our tomato for over three months. As minister for agriculture we aspect more from him. Let’s stop playing politics at this crucial time. We need to be unified against marginalization.

  10. Muhammed halirat

    As for me no body have done what Emma Egwu is doing in de history of House of rep so kudos for u my oga.how do u expect just a member of house of rep to renew ajokuta steel company for kogite when we have minister in de house u people should stop bleming Eguw for noting

  11. Momoh zakari

    Your comment…better speak than to left a death rat smelling. Egwu have spoken well even if is not his constituency, the betterment of kogi state is in our hands let stop all this politics and think on how to move our dear state to the next level. Kogite let unite because United will stand and divided will fall.

  12. Bashir

    Your comment…honorable Emmanuel Makoji Egwu, we are so very proud of u , we tank God that we have someone like u no one had ever did what u are done so far I can remembered that we started enjoying u even when u av not contested for representing us , pls my fellow kogites let 4get about sentiment ,Emmanuel Makoji Egwu have a lot of which I can’t list up till date he still working on so many things , by God grace, you are the next governor of kogi state Insha Allah by grace the touch bearer may d good God be with you Amen…….

  13. Adamu Musa

    This is nonsense talk. You know that what did you do seeings them?. If they ask you evidence, can you frob it? You are the enemy of your constituency, what did you do seeings you become house number. Nonsense

  14. Amaje friday

    Hon. Egwu may almighty God bless u, the problem we have in this country is our youth, because they are not thinking well, they don’t look beyond today because of prejudice dat cover their sight from seeing tomorrow.

  15. Uthman Yunusa

    Honorable you have talked wisely and reasonably, may God grant those that suppose to act ears to hear and do the right…,,.

  16. dickson

    Well, Ajasteel is still Nigeria Biggest Dream left unfulfilled..maybe we should wait for that God sent for it completion and full operation of the complex..Stop the blame GAME ALL WE WANT IS CHANGE..

  17. Odekina Friday Odekina

    Stop crucifying the gentle man who has made a reasonable point. Why do you bring PDP into the matter. Selfish noisy politicians are the people blaming honourable Emma Egwu. We are strongly behind you and your giant strides

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