Augustine Isah Idakwo: The Vacuum Created by Your Death Still Unfilled


There is a saying that accolades and recognition are accorded to whom it is due but not who demand it. In concomitant with this, I am taking out this time out to officially acknowledge posthumously the matchless, giant and unvanquishable developmental accomplishments of an illustrious and altruistic son of Igalamela/Odolu, Late Hon Augustine Isah Idakwo, who have humbly cum prudently influenced the lives of so many Kogites, mostly those of Igalamela/Odolu local government where he superintended over her affairs until his death.

Chronicling, right from the creation of Igalamela/Odolu Local Government, we have had people who has served in the capacity of both as Sole Administrator and an elective chairmanship position but non of their achievement can neither match nor equate the humongous achievements of this icon, an achiever and a paragon of philanthropism.
When Almighty God bestowed him with the leadership mantle of Igalamela/Odolu local government, he strived as much as he could in assuaging the crushing sufferings of our people, both in Human and Infrastructural developmental wise, thereby writing his name indelibly in an archive of history. It is pellucidly, that he has lived a fulfilled life, despite his premature and unfortunate departure from this planet, via the carving of developmental and political niche for himself and his family.
Igalamela/Odolu has never had it good since the departure of this icon. Ever since he left, we have been witnessing monocracy and administrative ineptitude, ranging from demotion of staff’s grade level for just no concrete rationale, unnecessary and politically motivated retrenchment and tagging of staff’s emolument, incessant mismanagement and embezzlement of public funds.
Igalamela/Odolu local government under the tutelage of decedent Augustine Isah Idakwo, a prudent manager of meager resources  witnessed a gargantuan infrastructural face-lift, amidst lean available funds that was coming as allocation then, despite the lean available resources at his disposal, he brought Igalamela/Odolu into limelight and comity of Local Government(s), via the building of a local government secretariat, local government Stadium to enhance sporting activities and other relevant events.
He equally built Storehouses for business men and women, he Established  a Local Government Nursery/Primary School with a subsidized affordable fee for those who are not financially buoyant and orchestrated the employment of numerous individuals as staffs of the school, he connected Ajaka waterboard to Emachi river in order to  reduce the high water scarcity rate, he built an office for Motorcycles Transit Association,  he built and equipped so many Primary Health Care Centers, he constructed numerous feeder roads and bridges in the rural areas to ease the movement of rural dwellers, he empowered so many people and so many more, which I shall release along with the comprehensive list of the executed projects under his administration in my subsequent posts.
If Kogi and indeed the Igalamela/Odolu can dependably brag of atleast two of the likes of Late Augustine Isah Idakwo, then the crushing sufferings as occasioned by abject poverty would have been drastically reduced to the barest minimum.
Late Augustine Isah Idakwo has strikingly done well of what is warrantly  expected of any public servant. And I implore every sons and daughters of Igalamela/Odolu to join hands with me to immortalize his giant strides.
Conclusively, I implore Almighty GOD in his infinite Clemency and Bounty to continue to accord him eternal rest in paradise, AMEN!
By Godwin Jibrin Bakwo