Yes, I am a Security Man Seeking Political Office in Kogi State – Ogbanago

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“I am a security man and wants a political position and so what?”
This is coming from a security man who came to limelight in 2016.
I want to edify the public on a way to obviate doppelganger malady like we are experiencing in Kogi State today because we lack equanimity which can be cascaded to the uninventive leaders we have therein, hence it’s become pertinent to talk about Ogbanago.
Refer to my article in Kogi Reports titled “Who is Ogbanago”. Ogbanago was a security man at UBA who returned a missing money and got rewarded hugely by then Managing Director, Tony Elumelu.
That proven integrity has given him the guts to want to contest election by picking labour party as a tent through which he will serve the good people of Ankpa, Omala and Olamaboro Federal constituency at green chamber.
“I have chosen to contest not because I have been giving financial rewards from my boss, Mr. Tony Elumelu and other well wishers for passing an integrity test, but because I want to serve humanity. Mind you, the pulchritude of every person with integrity is serving as a mass servant irrespective of your background.
“The problem of this country is us! We always have disbelief in our abilities that is why some people are insulting me that instead of investing my rewards in business I have chosen to lavish it in politics and I say politics isn’t all about spreading money all over the place, politicians who give you money are only impoverishing you and once they are done using you they will dump you like a piece of rag.
“My own security believes that a son of a nobody can become somebody by knowing someone like my boss, sir Tony Elumelu and making every body somebody without knowing anybody,” he said.
– Comrade A.A Hussain
For: Team Ogbanago

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