Yahaya Bello; Kogi State’s Number One Enemy

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It baffles me when I see a right thinking person from Kogi promoting and idolizing the ‘Heartless Yahaya Bello’ on social media despite his wicked acts.

A tyrant like Bello who has subjected Kogi people to extremely poor economic life and has deprived most of their rightful benefits turning most to nothing better than street beggars. A man who rules like he’s in a competition with the people of his state and impoverishes his subjects and never care about how they survive.

His media team are working round the clock to rebrand their best product (Yeye Bello) for sale to the masses in the upcoming November Kogi Gubernatorial election. They are trying their utmost marketing best and expect Kogi people to buy from them, HELL NO !!!

No matter the amount of wool or white linen you use in clothing the devil, its acts would still scream black even in the light. Mallam is Mallam even when you try spelling it from the back. They’ve turned Bello to a demigod because of the benefits they derive from him.

Bello has failed woefully and we are not ready to go back to Egypt. Civil servants are dying everyday as Mr Bello has turned deaf ear to their cries to pay them their deserved salaries, instead he’s busy running from pillar to post seeking for political favor from APC Party stakeholders and aggressively pursuing his 2nd term political ambition.

Let me tell you, 1000 of Asiwajus and Oshiomoles cannot save his Egyptian army from  from perishing in the Red Sea of this upcoming election. If you like run from Bourdillon to Aso Rock from now till November 16, your defeat awaits you with open arms. You need to go back to your history book and learn what became of Pharaoh and Herod in the Bible; maybe that will prepare you for life after Governor.

Kogi people regret having you as a leader because you have caused them so much headaches and heartaches. You’ve created a ‘weeping Jeremiah’ out of them; all they do now is sing from the book of lamentations, day and night.

You, through your lackadaisical approach, single-handedly crippled the state educational system as schools consistently embarked on strike on regular basis and you have never bothered. Your Pharaohnic nature drives you to underrate the Judiciary in the state. Even Kogi state health workers means nothing to you as you treat them like slaves and force them to down tools time to time. Everything is at a standstill in Kogi but you Mr Bello became notorious as Kogi make headlines for wrong reasons. If Kogi State in the last four years was a story, you would have no competition for the character of pantomine villain. Let me remind you and all those helping you to destroy Kogi State that posterity will judge one day.

My heart bleeds when I read on front pages of print media how some traditional rulers, political allies and some selfish Kogites endorsed Bello’s second term. But my hearts finds peace, solace and joy when I think of November when an end will be put to this. It is a “Dead on arrival” campaign and will never come good for them.

A right thinking person will never endorse Bello because calling his administration an utter failure would rank among the understatements of the century.

For you, Bello allies and supporters, I pray God Almighty run your lives the way Gov. Bello runs Kogi state (Amen).

Yahaya has dug his political grave and Kogi people are more than ready to bury him and as well send him to political oblivion come November. No amount of intimidation can scare Kogi people from voting you out. Your 2nd term dream was already a nightmare even before it’s played out. The climax will be you spending it in the EFCC net.

– Toba Ajayi

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