Yagba West 2023: Don’t Let Emotions Screw Your Decision

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Letting your emotions rule your political decisions isn’t normally a good thing.

Traditionally, letting your emotions rule who you vote for in elections is considered bad form.

I took my time to ask a couple of people whom I personally know why Yemisi Oshaloto is not their preferred choice for the Yagba West State House of Assembly. My point wasn’t to argue but simply to understand where they were coming from. Three answers stood out to me the most. One said she wasn’t supporting her because Yemisi was a woman. And take note, this was coming from a woman herself. The other answer was simply because this person didn’t like her because he believes it is not the turn of the “off road” to produce the next State House of Assembly member. 

The third person simply informed me that he would not be supporting her because Yemisi is close to the government. 

We still have some months to go before the elections. I hope we can all set aside some time to learn about the candidates’ backgrounds, track records, platforms, and policies and not base our vote on emotions. We need someone like Yemisi, who has a good rapport with the government, to represent us at the State House of Assembly. Yagba West needs to get it right this time. To do so, we need someone with the right credentials, track record, concrete policies and actual solutions, not promises shrouded in vagueness. This is why my Yemisi Oshaloto is my preferred choice.

– Folorunsho Olumide writes from Igbaruku-Okeri, Yagba West local government, Kogi state.

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